I AM Victoria-Monique Balmatie Jagroe and I love all things deliberate creation. My journey diving deep into this stuff began a while ago and I have to say it is an amazing ride.

The more I learn on this journey from teachers like Seth, Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks and more recently from Paul Selig and Opra [without an h] the more excited about life I get. I recently started producing and selling my vegan lipsticks again and I would love it if you would check it out; www.fralippolippie.com

I reinvent myself often and I don’t hold on to my past. I feel free ro be who I came here to be and what I came here to do and throughout this re-invention journey a couiple of things have been consistent for a while;

  1. Intense exercise, I love getting stronger, more flexible, more agile, discovering more of what my physcial body is capable of. I ADORE jumping rope and other bodyweight training like hand standing, monkeybars,
  2. My Vegan Lipstick Brand; Fra Lippo Lippie,
  3. Beauty, fun, food, adventure and discovering new places and faces,
  4. Growing into more of ME as a spiritual being that’s having a human experience.

There a couple of Seth quotes that have assisted me immensely on my journey and this is one of them:

“You set your challenges in the hope you will solve them, not like millstones around your neck.”


This means that everything you see before yourself is chosen as an experience by you and it can be [dis]solved in an easy, fun and comfortable way.

If you feel like you’d like me to assist you on our journey in the form of a coach, then reach out to me via email.

With SO much love,

Victoria Monique