If you want to create more Freedom, Connection, Ease and Joy in your life, you came to the perfect place on the internet....
Kobe Bryant, one of my heroes and life-wisdom-inspirations

The biggest regret people have at the end of their life, that they didn’t do the things they wanted to do, because they were afraid of what would happen. Understandable! And a damn waste of a lifetime, don’t you agree?

If you find yourself here, and you don’t know why really but you just know that you need to be here because you found my work through a friend on YouTube, Reddit, my blog or in another way…. simply book a discovery session so we can see if we are a match and you feel that I can assist you in whatever it is that you need.

If you feel scared as f*ck AND but you know you need to change something, because THIS is not living. I’ve got your back.


“Victoria-Monique has a unique gift of being able to hold space when you need it most. Her ability to convey essential knowledge is a blessing! Thank you Monique for taking the time to share your experience and wisdom with those who choose to listen.”

Kristine – Buenos Aires

“I loved our sessions with Victoria-Monique a lot. From the very first time we had an online session and got to know each other I felt that she is the person that deeply cares about delivering her ideas and views so it will be understood and accepted by the person. She helped me not only overcome my fears and doubts, she gave me tools to apply to any area of my life which I appreciate. She approaches work with mind along with yoga practices which made our sessions really special. I am still applying things I learned from our sessions, though I knew them as a theoretical knowledge , but our sessions made it all concrete. I am very thankful for this.

Card attached to a flower delivery; Hi Victoria-Monique, You have such an incredible gift and I’m so thankful that you are able to share it with me. Keep touching the lives of so many as you bring so much light to people, especially when they need it the most. Gia xx

Gia, Berlin

Wow this really is perfect, I really have been sorta stuck in the past, I even dream about the past situations I have experienced lately! I am moving forward now. When we got off the call I felt calmer and my ear popped, it was pressure in my head or something…But it was like relief!  So weird! I am reading the blog as you said and I also will be listening to the recording (I received it) . I can’t wait until I can book another sesion lol 💖 I really do want to book another session and I know it’s no pressure but I feel it benefited me so much. I will be in touch. Thank you so much! 

Cherice [adorned by Cherice] – United States of America


I AM equally in love with calesthenics type fitness as I am to spiritual/personal growth and doing fun things!

I was born in Surinam Paramaribo and moved with my mother to the Netherlands, Amsterdam when I was one years old.

I’ve lived in Berlin for 7 years, and I tried out Portugal , Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. Now back in my old love Amsterdam for let’s see how long. I’m loving it very much at this moment.

See you soon!