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Before I go into it; I have some commentary and additions her and there. Follow your intuition and your personal guidance on what is true for you. As Bashar says, there is no either or, there is only AND.

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Once Again Allow us to explain briefly what the shift is about in terms of what is actually mechanically happening?

We understand that in human language you have many colloquial phrases for this idea of transformation and changing your world. And that is all well and good and you can refer to this idea in any way shape or form you so desire. It doesn’t matter the effect is the same. 

But the idea is that we would like to explain to you mechanically, physiologically what is happening. Because sometimes when you understand the actual mechanism that you’re employing in the change, it helps you make further changes. More profound changes and have a more profound understanding of what kind of changes can be made. So I know this is going to sound at first a little bit confusing but that’s allright this is just an issue of semantics. 

And Language. And we will explain more clearly as we go along. So when we talk about the kind of changes that you are making and wish to make on your planet. We will begin this conversation by pointing out that nothing has changed. Why we say that? I will tell you, thank you. 

Here’s what we mean by nothing has changed; The idea is really that when something in your world changes the world you were in did not change, YOU changed, YOU shifted your frequency, YOU shifted your vibration and by shifting YOUR frequency you have shifted your focus of Consciousness to an already simultaneously co-existing parallel reality that is already existing on that frequency. You didn’t change the world that was there, that world is still there. You have shifted to an already existing paralel reality that is reflective of the vibratory frequency YOU have shifted to personally.

Thus when you look around and you see differences it is because you have changed yourself, you have shifted yourself to a parallel earth that already had those differences in it. 


Sidenote, Two quotes from Seth and Neville in line with this; Seth: Any change in outer appearance, is a change of inner confidence and Neville Nothing to change but self. 


The old earth, the other parallel reality still exists, still looks the same, didn’t change but YOU have changed your focus of Consciousness. So the idea of helping people change, of helping to change your world is the idea really of offering other people a point of view that contains a certain frequency a certain pitch, a certain state of being and if, if if if, they choose to match to  mirror that frequency you’re offering that goes along with that different point of view they then will see the difference in the world in which they have shifted to. They will see the difference in them reflected by the world they have shifted to. 

Sidenote, this commentary from Bashar is in general. When we go to specific people in your reality, I refer to Seth and Neville again;  Seth says this: ** The burden of the relationship rests upon you, upon your expectations and those beliefs that you have projected outward.

** It does no good to say a person exists also outside of your experience of them—and that people have their own reality, for in such a way you put part of the responsibility upon another agency. In your world and experience, where your interests are paramount, and DO rule, they form your reality. And Neville says this “Simply dare to assume you are what you want to be and you will compel everyone to play their part.”


But again the other world is still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere.

All possible parallel realities exist NOW. Co-exist simultaneously There is only one eternal Now. Everthing exists in it We understand that from your linear space time perspective this may not seem to be so, but many of you now begin to realise that this is just really just an illusion. The idea is to understand that what you call different changes, different moments, different places, different times, different experiences, even different lives all these things co-exist at the same time so to speak. They are really just different perspectives of the same eternal now moment. So what you call the past exists right now. What you call the future exists right now. There really is no future in the future no past IN the past. Those are simply different frequencies different experiences all going on at the same time as what you call the present. The idea is that they’re simply different viewpoints of the present. And from your linear space time experience, the perspective that you have created with the experience of linear space-time you can create the idea that something comes before, than something comes next then something comes after but it doesn’t really do that. An analogy we often use to illustrate this point is what you call one of your film strips. 

On earth, you know that when you go to watch your movie it’s made of a film strip that has many frames well when you are watching the movie, from the perspective of being an audience member you can say Well first we see this frame, then that frame, then the next frame, then the next and we get this illusion of continuity, this illusion of motion, this illusion of the passage of time and things start here and things end there. However, if you’re in the projection booth above the audience You can take the film canister, you can take out the film, you can stretch out the strip of film in front of you and you can see all the frames at the same time you can even look at; This frame first, then that frame, then that frame, then that frame, then that frame, then that frame, in any order you wish.

Linear space time has been in that sense nullified the idea is that all the frames exist at the same time. But from the perspective of the audience member they only exist in sequence. To tell a story. To have an experience. But that doesn’t tell you what is actually mechanically happening, it doesn’t describe the existence of the filmstrip itself and the perspective of the projection is so you can see all the frames at the same time. This is analogues to the idea of your physical consciousness in physical reality experiencing linear, physical space-time and the idea of your higher mind your oversoul experiencing all your moments all your lives At once. And they idea thus then is the reason you can connect to other lives, other experiences, is because they all exist at the sae time. So you can simply cross-connect, shift your vibration. 

Again another analogy as we have often said your television analogy; At any give moment you can watch whatever program on your tv-set you want. This does not mean that there are not other programs available.But you only get the program You are Tuned To. At any given moment. 

But when you change the channel, when you shift your frequency, you get another program. It doesn’t mean the program you were watching is no longer there. It all exists at the same time, but you only perceive whatever IS the vibration you are tuned to within yourself. 

And when you change that frequency, you get different input. You get a different experience it’s as simple as that. This really is simple physics. It really is not more complicated issue than that. And because it all exists at the same time. As all the programs do at any given moment on your set … That’s why you can switch back and forth, that’s why you can know things from other lives. You may think it is a memory and in a sense again colloquially you can call it a memory of a past life or even a memory or if you wish a pre-cognition of a future life but remember memory is created in the present it doesn’t actually come from the past. When you have a memory you are having it NOW. So you’re creating it from the Now.

Sidenote; This is why Neville’s I REMEMBER WHEN is a powerful tool to revise-recreate your past to one that you wish to experience in continuation in the present.

END at 1o:43 I might continue this transcript in the future.

For now, my tip on changing yourself is changing your Story. Write it out or simply practice a new frequency of being by affirming until your blue in the face ;-D

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