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How do things get manifested or materialised from the thinking world into the world of experience? And why do we manifest a certain thing over another? And what (or who) exactly determines the materialisation of events so we are experiencing them in real life and not only enjoying them in our thoughts?

In the first post I shared I talked about the building blocks that any materialisation or manifestation are made up of, which are; Thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

How things literally turn from non – physical to physical is a bit of a technical explanation. I will touch upon it here, but it goes deeper and it’s likely that I’ll share that in another post. This is the need to know for now and it comes with a quote from one of run down from reading it so much books of Lynda Madden Dahl:

With each thought and emotion we emit electromagnetic energy units (eee’s) that join with others of similar characteristics.

The size of the mass that is created from this joining and it’s propensity or purpose suggest the outline of an event that will eventually enter this reality. That event is selected by us from the field of probabilities in Framework 2.

Our inner self then forms and inserts the event into physical reality where it enters our life and is placed where appropriate – past, present or future.

from Ten Thousand Whispers, A Guide To Conscious Creation – Lynda Madden Dahl

Let me clarify this in other words. Energy or in other words thoughts of a certain energy vibration, attract like thoughts. And make no mistake even when you think you’re not thinking, you are still emotioning and emitting some form of energy.

Through this accumulation that I just described, an energy mass is formed and as soon as it reaches a certain size it will create the factual event in Framework 2 (the source of all creation). We will experience this event in 3D reality, we will taste, touch, feel, see and hear this when we stay the course and are of the same energy that created it in feeling in the first place. It’s our inner self who does this and it is experienced either in your now or you remember it as a past event or you will experience it “soon”. Everything is now as you might remember. But in our experience there is a division in time.

How this division happens, a bit of a side step and also necessary to know is because “past” events drag on our neuronal structure and future events are too fast for our nerves to catch. They are both there, the imprint on our physical system is just different and that’s why we classify them as different but we don’t have to if we want to become wintered conscious creators.

How does the materialisation of the events then come about? Through “Coincidence” which as Lynda describes is part of a solution leading to a desired outcome. And you Neville readers know that he calls this ‘The Bridge of Events’.

Why one event and not the other?

Multiple probabilities are surrounding us all the time, we are standing in the middle surrounded by all of them. We choose which one we will experience by our focus, by our thoughts our feelings and our beliefs about just about anything. Then what makes one event happen over another? What we belief is possible for us decides. What we trust is possible for us, what we have faith in beyond a doubt.

Some things are so automatic we don’t even realise we are trusting in the truth of them, and yet we have to be trusting them because they are showing themselves to us.

So Faith is another important ingredient of the materialisation of events.

Faith as an important component in the materialisation of events is best explained in this quote

“Faith in a creative, fulfilling, desired end—sustained faith—literally draws from Framework 2 [the source of physical reality] all of the necessary ingredients, all of the elements however staggering in number, all the details, and then inserts into Framework 1 [physical reality] the impulses, dreams, chance meetings, motivations, or whatever is necessary so that the desired end then falls into place as a completed pattern.

The God of Jane, Ch. 2, Private Seth Session for October 24, 1977

When do things materialise?

And WHEN!! do things materialise? The short answer is you will never exactly know when. This is up to our inner selves. As you have read is that they’re the ones that construct and pop it into physical reality from Framework 2. Our Inner Selves ARE us, there’s no division, know that. But for the sake of explaining these concepts, we talk in dividing terms like inner selves, inner and outer ego, higher self, Universe etc.

If you want to be certain something will be materialise there are a couple of things that you can do. One of the most important things is know that you know that you know and don’t go looking for proof, because the mere fact of looking for it means you don’t trust it, which means that you are counter activating what you have worked on before.

Neville readers know that he always says that you should persist in your assumption that it is true and it will harden into facts. Neville says to persist in your assumption. By the way, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have off days and negative thoughts. It does mean that the balance has to tip to the point of your wanted desire. I have things materialise that I really didn’t believe where possible for me at that moment. Then what happened and why did it do materialise?

My guess is that I tipped the balance scale so much that this one negative belief had less momentum than I had gained with my desire and positive momentum that I had already put into it.

The Point of Power

This is a bit of a side step that links in to all of this too and that is the point of power. Seth says:

“The Point of Power is Now and from this Point you choose Which You, Which World.”


This means now is when it all happens, now is when you create your next now moment and also now you recreate your past. The person that is happy feels loved and amazing and succesful, always has been this way. Because everything IS NOW. It’s when you step into another version of yourself by reacting to something that you recreate a different now, past and future.

This is definitely something that I will write more about. For now it’s just really important to always make a deliberate choice to choose happy. To feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled, to have faith and to know that you know that you know that THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO.


I want to touch upon one important tool that aids in the materialisation of events. And this tool is visualisation.

Visualisation is feelingly imagining ON PURPOSE that what you want to experience. And make no mistake about it, everyone always visualises. But you might not know that you do it. Hence it is so good to get to know yourself better than the best

We always do because that’s how things are created. It’s not helpful to get into a discussion about this, it is to just accept that it is so and go with what you’ve got. Feel emotionally, think emotionally about that that you wish to experience. And most importantly feel the relief of having received your wish, of having experienced your wish, of having smelled, tasted, touched, heard it.

Neville shares that the feeling of relief and the feeling of grattitude are the most important feelings in the world, they keep your point of power of the present in a high vibe and when you’re in a high, relieved, happy vibe the materialisation of your wanted and desired event is just a moment point away.

Let me end with a wonderful Seth quote from the Facebookpage Seth, Seth, Seth:

Now, there is no one who can change your life for you. But, you can change it. And, in that lies your hope and your salvation. And so, you must begin to do so.

The images in your mind draw to themselves all the proper emotional energy and power needed to fill them out as physical events.

You can change the picture of your life at any time, if only you realize that it is simply the one portrait of yourself that you have created from an unlimited amount of probable ones. The peculiar aspect of your own probable portraits will still be characteristic of you and no other.

The abilities, strengths, and variants that you may want to actualize are already latent, in your terms, and at your disposal. Suppose that you are unhealthy and desire health. If you understand the nature of probabilities, you will not need to pretend to ignore your present situation. You will recognize it instead as a probable reality that you have physically materialized. Taking that for granted, you will then begin the process necessary to bring a different probability into physical experience.

You will do this by concentrating upon what you want but feeling no conflict between that and what you have, because one will not contradict the other; each will be seen as a reflection of belief in daily life. As it took some time to build up your present image with its unhealthy aspects, so it may take time to change that picture. But, concentration upon the present unhealthy situation will only prolong it.

Each condition is as real or unreal as the other. Which you? Which world? You have your choice, broadly, within certain frameworks that you have chosen as a part of your creaturehood.

Nature of Personal Reality Sess. 656

See you next week.

Much much love,