Your Feelings Cause The Events You Experience

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As you might have noticed from the first two post that I’ve written here and here I love to build bridges between the teachings of Neville and Seth. Neville says it differently, but what it boils down to too is that our feelings cause the events that we experience.

So what is one of the ways that Neville says it? Signs follow, they do not precede.

Meaning that any signs that you see are because you are expecting to see them, not because the are created out of thin air.

You have created them yourself because of a State you’re in. And you can believe the Signs, for sure because they wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t been in the right State of emotion. The thing is don’t let them determine anything, but see them as an encouragement that you’re on the right path. And use these to cultivate the feelings you need to materialise the event that you would like to experience.

SETH: Your feelings, however, cause the events you perceive

There’s a lovely quote from the Seth book: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. And credits where credits are due, I found this in a Facebook group called “Seth, Seth, Seth” which is one of my faves. Underneath the quote I will go into explaining it in different words so you can grasp the fullness of it.

I actually advice you to do the same, to write these different concepts down into your own words, so that you can understand it on increasingly deeper levels.

In a way, the world is like a multidimensional, exotic plant growing in space and time, each thought, dream, imaginative encounter, hope or fear, growing naturally into its own bloom – a plant of incredible variety, never for a moment the same, in which each smallest root, leaf, stem, or flower has a part to play and is connected with the whole.

Even those of you who intellectually agree that you form your own reality find it difficult to accept emotionally in certain areas. You are, of course, literally hypnotised into believing that your feelings arise in response to events. 

Your feelings, however, cause the events you perceive.

Secondarily, you do of course then react to those events. You have been taught that your feelings must necessarily be tied to specific physical happenings. You may be sad because you have lost a job, or because you have been rebuffed by a lover, or for any number of other accepted reasons.

You are told that your feelings must be in response to events that are happening, or have happened. Often, of course, your feelings ‘happen ahead of time,’ because those feelings are the initial realities from which events flow.

It is somewhat of a psychological trick, in your day and age, to come to the realisation that you do in fact form your experience and your world, simply because the weight of evidence SEEMS (underlined twice) to be so loaded at the other end, because of your habits of perception. The realisation is like one that comes at one time or another to many people in the dream state, when suddenly they awaken while still in the dream, realising first of all that they are dreaming, and secondarily that they are themselves creating the experienced drama.

To understand that you create your own reality requires that same kind of ‘awakening’ from the normal awake state – at least for many people.

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events 1978.03.27 Sess.830

The gist of this quote is (in case you missed it :-D)… Your feelings and beliefs cause your experience. Which is actually what my whole blog is built upon. It is said in so many different ways, and I love to repeat it in the different ways. Because it allows us to feel the truth of it on many different levels in our bodies. It’s the same as: You create your reality by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Take a second and compare these sentences. And you might feel like I do that these have a different quality thus effect to them.


When I think of the word experience here are some things that come up for me:

  1. The food that I’m eating and if it’s enjoyable,
  2. the weather outside and how lovely the sun feels on my skin,
  3. the fresh wind blowing my curls in all directions, the intense and lovely yoga session I shared with my students or training by myself
  4. the wonderful nights I spend with my favourite him,
  5. the fun I have with my home girls whenever we are doing whatever,
  6. the spontaneous dancing session that appeared seemingly coincidentally because of a get together of many people being in the right mood, at the right place, at the right time in one of the seminar rooms at the Schweibenalp.

All of these experiences, all of these events took place before I experienced them physically. They all come from how I was FEELING at one point in time before.

All of these experiences have a seed in another “Framework” as Seth calls it. Framework 2. They are the fruit of me minding my mental and emotional State. Of choosing fun every time, of understanding how are reality works.

Everything is first non-tangible. Everything we experience now is “after the fact”. Everything we experience is caused by our feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

As you could read in the previous article, and what I have said already and described above is that everything has it’s origin in Framework 2. This is the birth place of everything that exists and will materialise in Framework 1 and if it materialises or not is based on the intensity of your focus. And if you don’t experience it yet, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming, it just means that it’s not ripe yet. Just like you don’t go stamping next to the sprout to hurry up and grow into a full fledged flower already, so you also water your desire with the wanted feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Knowing AND feeling this mentioned information gives you (&me) immense freedom, it frees up space that you might have otherwise used to drive yourself crazy over what you did wrong, what the further consequences of this wrong-doing might be and so on and so forth and super unnecessary.

You realise that what caused your experience were your feelings and beliefs. And these need not be specifically about the experienced thing, it could also have come forth from a general feeling of well-being and feeling worthy, happy, healthy and free. Or a general strong feeling of fear. Like creates like.

There are no coincidences in this Universe and everything has it’s roots. Everything springs from the seed you’ve sown. An apple tree doesn’t produce plums 😉

You’re the Cause, Always

If your food was terrible, you caused it. Same is true if it was delicious. If you enjoy the weather, well played, you caused it. If it’s horrible … well yes. Here you might say, hold on how do I cause the weather. And my answer here is: Either everything is God or nothing is. There’s an explanation to this weather thing and how and what and not the topic of this post. The topic of this post is that we create based on our feelings. That all experience stems from there. Your feelings cause the events you perceive.

What can you actively do to make sure you continue creating more and more of the good stuff? I know you know, but who cares if I repeat myself. The more you get it, the better life gets.

Realise that the Point of Power is NOW. You create from the NOW. Everything is created from a ‘previous’ feeling you had and the past is also recreated … yes in the NOW.

What else? Well work through stuff and don’t pretend that everything’s fine when it really isn’t but deal with what you need to deal with and don’t stay there, in the feeling unwell I mean, longer than necessary. The point of power is NOW anyway so get it over with, scream it out, cry it out and don’t dwell on it.

Also, never react. Realise it was just a ‘miscreation’ caused by you and be calm about it. Take your energy away from it and continue in your wished direction.

And one last practical tip: Meditate, a couple of times a day. Quiet your mind, feel lovely and connected and free within yourself and to yourself, to the part of you that is responsible for materialising events in 3d. And …. have FUN. Laughter, happiness and joy creates much more to be joyful about.

Doesn’t this information give a new feeling and meaning to Neville’s often misinterpreted phrase:

Everyone (or everything…) is You Pushed Out.

Neville Goddard

Or in my words all your experiences are your feelings pushed out.

Last Quote of this Post

Now, I have told you time and time again, my friends, that you construct your physical universe and your private environment in line with your inner expectations, for they mirror perfectly the deepest areas of your inner reality.

This is perhaps the closest I can come in handing you anything that approaches a basic truth. All of our material follows from this. And, any other information contained in the material follows and flows out of this primary statement.

I do not speak symbolically but quite literally. When you find yourselves, therefore, noticing more and more inequalities, the disasters and the shames that come within your sphere of perception, you add to their existence. This may confound what common sense may tell you. However, concentration reinforces the quality which is concentrated upon.

I will not go more deeply into this, for we have mentioned it often. And, I address myself now to you both. When you are concentrating upon destructive elements, you lose on two points. You reinforce the destructive qualities by the very act of concentrating upon them. And, You rob yourselves of the constructive qualities that you could be concentrating upon, and, therefore, that you could be reinforcing.

The Early Sessions, book 6, Session 253

Happy pondering and understanding. See you in the next article.

Much much love and … that what you want, your hearts desire that you see others have, that is also possible for you!


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