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Order your mental conversations all right, And; You are the operant power. Some things that Neville often said. But what does that even mean? Well, it means that you are in charge of everything that you see, feel, belief, smell, taste, and touch. Everything that this whole Law is about. And that you should be mindful of what you are thinking the moments of the day, because that is what you project outward. What goes into your Mind is what comes out. You and only You can decide what you Believe.

Operant power is a vague term to me, personally, but it might hit home with you immediately, which brings me to one of the most important things in this world (of shadows… ;-))

You decide what you Believe. And while you might feel like a fraud when you first begin out with these teachings, feeling like you’re lying to yourself, or being unrealistic, give yourself and these teachings the benefit of the doubt. Start to track how this might be true by proving to yourself that in fact what you are experiencing and seeing is a result of thoughts you had a couple of moments ago and that things come from beliefs. Journalling helps with this. And of course a very laser-sharp awareness. Anytime you say, this is not possible you shut the door to great possibilities so let’s just keep the door to possible open 😉

Always Be mindful that whenever you read a blog post like this, or a book or listen to a podcast or read a lecture from Neville, quotes from Seth, who and whatever …they come from someone else. And you are in charge of what comes into your head, mind, belief system. You are the operant power. You, You, You and you alone control what you choose to belief. And you are the expert of … YOU.

A simple thing to do in this case, a tip from SETH, is simply say to say to yourself: I only take in things that serve me, or I only take in positive information that will lead me to my definite chief aim (a term coined by Napoleon Hill and talked about often by Joseph Rodriquez) or make your own sentence that feels natural and believable to you.

In this way you don’t need to be on guard the whole time, you simply give yourself the permission to do this all the time in the background automatically and trust me when I say it works. It’s simple and effective.

And in this way you can achieve many more amazing things, but this is one that I find the most important automatic program to have running.

Today I don’t have a quote from a Seth book but some from All Is Mind, you might have heard of him if you’re a Reddit reader or you’ve seen more of my Youtube video’s. This is one of his popular blog posts that I made an audio out of If you know the works of Seth, you also know that he’s a great fan and believer in the way he talks and the words that he uses. And I love how he breaks it down in words and transfers it in a way that fits our Zeitgeist.

Some All is Mind Quotes

I have read a lot of blog posts and I have a document with some of my favourite quotes of him and other people that have made the Law work for them in amazing ways. Sometimes when I get too caught up in external reality I use this as a reference to snap me back to where I know from where reality is created. Which is ….. from within. And you always get to decide what you experience and all experiences come … from what you Believe.

So focus on your mind, on your mental states, cultivate what you want and focus on it. LIVE IN THOSE STATES. Make them stronger and stronger. Make them your own. Above all understand that the physical reality is just a feedback. So you have nothing to change in them.

The physical manifestation should not really be the focus. Because physical reality is an effect. You should focus on the cause: the mind.

The whole point of the Law’s teachings is to kill all those states in you, because craving and needing are not “god” energy, it is for victims and for those who want to stay ones.

Different Quotes on Reddit from the user All IS Mind

I wish you wonderful Holiday’s, with lots of food, fun, dancing, laughing, amazing friends, lovers, family, dogs, cats and YOUR SELF.

Much love,