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In this time, where some people are afraid of falling prey to THE virus this information helps understand better how we can work with ourselves and what we can do when we are either in physical pain or we came down with an ilness.

This quote from Seth’s book The Nature of Personal Reality explains how most illnesses & pains come about and what you can do about it. I will break the post down into different wording and will end the post with a very helpful quote on how you can achieve being and feeling healthy, happy and thriving.

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“Healing involves great natural aggressive thrusts of energy, growth, and the focus of vitality.

The more powerless you feel, the less able you are to utilize your own healing abilities. You are then forced to project these outward upon a physician, a healer, or any outside agency.

“If your own BELIEF in the physician ‘works’ and you are cured of symptoms, you are physically relieved, and yet your own belief in yourself may be further infringed upon.

“If you are making no effective efforts to handle your own problems, then the symptoms will simply reappear in a new fashion, and the same process will be re-initiated. You may lose faith in your doctor while still retaining confidence in doctors as a whole, and run from one to another.

“But the body has its own integrity, and illness is often simply a natural sign of imbalance, a physical message to which you are to listen and make inner adjustments accordingly.

“When these realignments are always made from the outside, the body’s innate coherence becomes jeopardized, and its intimate relationship with mind confused. More, its natural healing powers are DULLED. The built-in initiating triggers of reactions that are meant to follow inner stimuli are activated instead by ‘exterior’ means.

“The individual’s faith is transferred more and more to an outside agency.

This usually means that no time is allowed for necessary inner dialogues of self questioning, and the self-healing that might otherwise occur is brought about through BELIEF in another. This can only go on for so long, however.”

The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 663(originally underlined words in caps)

We have everything in us to be able to get rid of either a physical pain or any illness. And it involves as always trust in ourselves and our healing abilities. You can put trust in others but it will benefit you more to put the trust in yourselves, because you can’t go on forever trusting others. We WANT to trust ourselves fully, this is part of the game of life. We want to proof that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are the sole cause of our reality and we do that through different routes and avenues. The bodily health being one of them.

“We set ourselves challenges in the hope we will solve them, not as milstones around our necks”.


My Personal Experience – In Rishikesh

I have proven to myself multiple times that what I describe and what I quoted works and I have a nice anecdote for you that illustrates this.

I have finished my yoga teacher taining in India and I decided to go a bit earlier to acclimatise and to have some time to mentally prepare and also to enjoy the beautiful Rishikesh before “sh*t was on!” 😉 . I had found my teacher, Vini, through his brother Mittra when I traveled to India another time and I planned to do a couple of classes with Mittra in these first free for me days.

Some people told me that there was a lot of Dengue fever at this time in Rishikesh and there were already some deaths. Even though I didn’t go into panic mode, because I know how conscious creation works, I wasn’t completely comfortable either. As with anything that makes me worry, I listen to it and have a reply ready immediately; I told myself that I trust myself and my body and I try to get as relaxed about the situation as possible.

The second day or so of my stay I joined Mittra’s class, but I wasn’t feeling too well. During the class I started sweating like a pig (no joke) and at one point I had to leave the class because I almost fainted.

Ok shit. Now I WAS worried … I somehow got back to my hotel and I went to bed feeling so so sick. I prepared to sleep and I said to myself; “OK! You know what to do, I want to feel better when I wake up”. At that point I wasn’t worrying, nothing, I just felt really crap and surrendered to my greater me and that really felt good.

What do you know, I woke up a couple of hours later, felt MUCH better and I felt so grateful and happy that I intuitively knew what to do and did it.

What had happened, did I have dengue before? Or rather, did another version of me have dengue? Since everything is now … Who knows. What I do know is that I chose another probability by surrendering to that part of me that is also me, which I fully trust to do the heavy lifting.

Whenever someone spoke to me about the dengue fever in the days to come, during the teacher training or acted panicky about it, I simply ignored their stress and told them that I don’t like talking about things that I don’t want to have happen in my life. And that was that. They mostly agreed and nobody in my surroundings spoke about it anymore.

The teacher training was a great success and I pulled through (yes, yes at times it was very tough My GOODNESS) healthy and happily.


Whenever you feel you want to relieved from any physical pain or illness than take Seth’s advice. Listen to yourself, converse with yourself, get to know yourself, and intend to relief whatever it is that you feel. Trust yourself, be joyful and grateful as much as you can for feeling healthy and happy again and before you know it, this new consciously chosen probability will become your new now reality.

I will end with this amazing short Q&A from Seth from the Early Class Sessions, Book 3, May 18th 1971:

Q: How often do you need to go about giving suggestion that physical symptoms go away?

Seth: You do not give the suggestion in those terms. Imagine emotionally instead, your feeling that the symptoms have already disappeared. Emotionally, imagine how fine you feel now the symptoms are gone. Do not hammer yourself. In a moment see yourself freed from the symptoms and then forget the episode.

It’s when you go back to see if it worked that you lose it. Do it five times a day at the very most.

Seth from the Early Class Sessions, Book 3, May 18th 1971:

Again here’s where Neville and Seth say the same. Neville talks a lot about how the feeling of gratitude and relief are the most powerful and creative feelings. Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled and some way somehow it will come to pass.

Wishing you much love and a physically and mentally beautifully amazing body and mind.

x Monique