What are you Glorifying?


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“To a certain degree, religion and science—and the medical sciences in particular—seem devoted to encouraging the most negative beliefs about human nature. It is taken for granted that all mental, physical, spiritual and emotional satisfactions become lesser with advancing age. It is taken for granted that memory fails, the body weakens, the senses stagnate, and emotional vividness dims. It is often considered scandalous to even imagine sexual activity after the age of even 40 or 50.”

The Way Toward Health chapter 10, Seth

“Your entire world of commerce and advertisements, of competition and of business, prolong such attitudes. This is aside from the impact of the entertainment industry, which reflects that same glorification of youth, and that fear of growing old. There are very definite, excellent side-effects of growing older, that we will also discuss in this book—but here I want to assure the reader that basically speaking there are no diseases BROUGHT ABOUT BY OLD AGE ALONE (intently).”

The Way Toward Health chapter 10, Seth

Ok, I have to be honest here, having turned 45 recently I was stressing about me getting closer to 50 and me changing. Looking older than before. On the other hand, thank God I have a strong ingrained belief that “blacks don’t crack” which causes me to have no wrinkles. Not that there’s anything wrong with them at all and if I would have created them already, then I would embrace them. I would have to, but more on that later. Back to my fear. I know that fear only creates more to be fearful about. And resisting a natural process will not only give me stress it will also cause things around me justifying that stress in whatever form that might show up.

So I decided to actively embrace ALL of me. The age that’s displayed on my passport, the grey hairs that I partly colour because I like to have black curls, and everything that naturally goes with growing older. I decided to feel blessed that I am still walking this earth. I have recently experienced two friends pass away. One in his thirties and one in his forties. The latter just became a father. And then I heard of a son of acquaintances losing his life at 16.

They chose their passing on. Nothing happens that we don’t agree to. And these are wonderful reminders that when you are living your life at this moment, I AM living my life at this moment, to honour it. To honour the life, the body that comes with it and by being completely open to this current life, to ALL OF IT, that only then the things that I decided to do here, before I entered this physical experience, the things that are in my Blueprint, can come to fruition easily.

Before we came into this world we decided to have certain challenges. We didn’t come here to flatline. We decided our ups and downs beforehand AND we add to these by either resisting or accepting. By understanding that all experiences are valid and to understand how life really works so that we can consciously create more of it.

Perhaps you are 22 and reading this and think: What on earth are you talking about Monique, I’m still a long cry away from ageing. And I get that. Or perhaps you are in your 30’s and dreading getting older. The moral of my story is, embrace who you are and what you are at any moment in time. Because YOU ARE and it feels good to allow all that you are. And this links in with the wrinkles I promised to get back on. If I would have wrinkles, I would also embrace them. I would find a way to see the beauty in having them, because they would be a part of me.

And whenever I would buy a cream I wouldn’t buy one that promised me that made my wrinkles go away, because a cream like that is bought out of resistance against that what we are and have. I would buy one that smells good, that feels good on my skin and that does what my face wants it to do. Feel good. And perhaps, or actually I dare to bet my life on it, my skin will start to radiate and shine and be happily itself with only the amount of wrinkles that are naturally logical at that point. And the ones that came into existence because of worry or resistance about getting older will naturally disappear. Because there is no negative Belief holding them there.

As you know because I said it before and more importantly Seth said it, at any moment in time you choose Which You and Which World. Don’t let your moment points pass away with being unhappy with what you are and how you look in this moment. Have fun, embrace you, embrace life, and create magic from this space.

Have a lovely one today.

Ps my apologies for the password protected post, it’s a post meant for a special group of people in which I promised to help some with manifesting a new house.

Much love,


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