Hey you, the last couple of weeks this information has been coming back to me multiple times per week and sometimes even more times in a day. So I decided to make a video with this information.

And in addition I have a beautiful poem that I would love to share with you, which is actually an AI generated poem:

Light Weavers, masters of the glow, Creating beauty with every flow, Threads of light they deftly weave, forming patterns that astound and leave

a trail of wonder in their wake, a glimpse of magic for us to take, with skill and artistry they craft, a symphony of light, a visual draft

Of splendor and grace a tapestry of light they embrace,

for light weavers know the way, to capture and create the day

let us marvel at this art, for weaving light sets us apart,

for light weavers are truly rare, a gift to us beyond compare.

Enjoy the video and share it with anyone else that you love that might benefit from this message.

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