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Before I go into this, know this; nothing that you have created till now is your fault because you created it. It has nothing to do with blame and judgement. That is the human game. It is about learning how creation works and then use it. So this is not a stick you are allowed to use to bash yourself. Ok! Ok.

This is what Seth has to say about it, and under that a clip from an amazing Mindset compilation by Rich Roll. Mel Robbins did what Seth advises us to do at the moment that she felt like the worlds biggest failure, and look where she is now ….

You get what you CONCENTRATE UPON, and your beliefs are largely responsible for those areas in which you concentrate.

The suggestions you give yourselves constantly operate overall as beliefs that are reflected in your experience. Some of you are simply mentally lazy. You do not consciously examine the data that you receive. …

“Each of you will find habitual thought patterns in your own life backed up by resulting action—conditioned behavior as it were—by which you continually reinforce negative aspects, concentrate upon them to the exclusion of conflicting data, and so bring them into experience through natural hypnosis. …

” Natural hypnosis and conscious beliefs give their proper instructions to the unconscious, which then dutifully affects the body mechanisms so that it responds in a manner harmonious with the beliefs. So you condition your body to react in certain fashions….Daily behaviour and chemical functioning smoothly follow according to the belief.”

“You give yourselves post-hypnotic suggestions all the time, particularly when you project present conditions into the future.”

quotes from different Seth books from Lynda’s Facebook page.

And then lastly Mel Robbins;

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