Richard Brutyo

There’s nothing that could happen that could make me happier right now = Unconditional Happiness. All the rest of it, is a version of; I will be happy when. No judgment been there, done that and I catch myself still doing that, like today. And we both know what kind of hoohaa we’re creating when we are in a state of ‘ I’ll be happy when …

You’re postponing your happiness to when that thing is in your possession, when that situation changed, when that person has changed, etc, etc.

There will always be a next thing. So moral of this story; Find the happiness intrinsically. There is ALWAYS something to be happy about. You can read this, so you have eyesight. You are reading this on a device, which means you live in a world where having a device that can display this post is normal. 

You are sitting or laying down somewhere comfortable, which means that you are safe and cared for.

Gratitude is not in the huge things, gratitude is in the small things. And you know what Oprah says, I’m not sure if it’s hers but I remember her saying it and it stuck with me; When you’re grateful, you get more and more to be grateful for.

See you in the next. And until that time, all you need to do to live your best life is be in the NOW and let nothing and nobody stand in the way of the love that you have for your life. That is a decision. You are a creator, not a victim. So act accordingly.

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With SO much love.