Heemstede The Netherlands, 6th August

Jan Kopriva

The last couple of years, or so I remember I have been working on understanding the logic behind Conscious Creation and I wrote articles about it and made video’s about it. But. AND. There is no logic to metaphysics. There can’t be, because it is unpredictable and while at first that feels uncomfortable and scary. It is not. Here is where trust comes in, trust that you are in the right place at the right time. Trust that you are safe and trust that what you want, wants you too. Or actually that what you want that you are worthy to have it too. And that all your dreams are a done deal, just because YOU are you and that is how it was always supposed to be.

Logic can never be applied to something so vast as creation. What can be applied is the knowing of the heart, the intuition and the listening to the body. And Conscious Creation therefor becomes a game of vibing high. We know that what we experience is based on what we are sending out in this moment in terms of vibe, feelings and emotions. Seth always says; Your Thoughts, your Feelings and Your beliefs create. And that’s why we are here in physical reality, to feel the truth of that and to play with that. And come on, what a playground we have.

So if there is any logic that you want to apply, then apply the logic of the body. What do I mean by this? When it feels off, you are moving away from your desire and who you are, and when you feel good you’re moving towards it. Most of us need processes and we want to understand, which helps us with baking cakes and building bridges, is how one of my coaches says it. And it cant and it will never help us understand what really matters, and that is how to create a wonderful life experience.

Well that is to say, there is some ‘logic’ to the non-predictable, and that is what I said before; When it feels bad you’re going in the wrong direction, and when it feels right and wonderful you’re going in the good direction. Which brings us to a whole different set of ‘problems’ which is; Then what the hell do I do in the meantime, because to be honest I was very busy with it and it made me feel like I had something to do and that I mattered.

And if that is your question, or something to that effect is your question my answer is; BE HAPPY..You are free to do what you really came here to do and what that is you will feel. First go do something that makes you happy, because you are FREE. There is no effording, striving, trying to understand. Because there is nothing to understand. Understanding belongs to the realm of logic. It is now time to get acquainted with you. With your intuition, with how you communicate with you. And with that I mean your Higher Self and your Inner Self with the earth human Self There is always communication happening between the three of you.

I have written about this multiple times and Bashar speaks so much about this.

If you want guidance on this path, well come check in with me and I see if we are a match to work together; monique@moniquebjagroe.com

For now I say goodbye and I see you in here soon. Stay Flexible, Stay Sexy, Stay Snakey.

With SO much love


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