Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 13th September 2o23

Todd Cravens

The other day I had a synchronistic line of events falling beautifully together. This coalesced in Jill Hofer channeling me the poem you will find underneath. If you’re curious about the whole story, and more, then listen to this YouTube.

You are a powerful creator  making ripples and waves that reverberate from the shore of your thoughts and words to the infinite horizons of creation and back. 

Your easy words float along the sea breeze, gathering and rising through a deliberate calibration. Bringing to you that which is like unto itself, drawing upon itself, swimming to you, rising to the surface of reality, cresting into your sight through synchronistic timing. 

Like the whales which act as your larger than life examples, leaping into your sunshine reality through time, space and technology, and making uncommon connections feel as certain and natural as the earths whale migrations. 

Float like the whale. Lower yourself to your own inner depths of sweet silence and connect through your vibrational sonar. 

Rise and breathe the air, expelling all that you no longer need. See it blast upward into the sun, fracturing into prisms of colorful light signaling the hope and promised renewal of the new now. 

Luxuriate in your power, your buoyancy, your easy joy among the ever connected eternal pod. Know you are timeless. Know you are at one with the sea and sky and land and space. 

W. H. A. L. E. 









By Jill Hofer

Jill her website and the pendant I speak of you can find here.