Recently I had a private session with Opra that is channeled by Ramona Galey and it was beyond mind blowing. I will share the clips sometime in the near future. For now here you have the transcription of the first question.


Victoria-Monique: What is the sensation in my knees trying to tell me?

Answer Opra: minute 2:35

We would not seek to attach meaning, do not seek to attach meaning. As you are loving your body in new ways one form of love is to listen, to accept, to be in the presence of without judgement. So as you are loving your body, the attempt to… the attachment of meaning is all you, that’s not your body. So that’s like going to a child and the child says; I’m hungry and you say; “but you shouldn’t be hungry, because you have eaten recently.”  You feel that? It’s very subtle,  it’s not child abuse, it’s not murder but it’s just a little bit of …’Question your guidance because I have a story about it’. 

And as you do this with your body, your body is not completely being loved. So even as you celebrate this loss of; As the shoulder moved to the this and the that we would release this story. It even feels as a celebration rather than a complaint but it is still a story. It is still an attempt to explain, to justify, to subtly make it wrong for that to have happened in the first place. So we would release all the stories, all of the momentum, the temptation to create more stories. Realisations, explanations, diagnosis, these are all stories, 

Victoria-Monique:  Ah that’s SO FREEING!! I don’t have to try to understand, I just have to love!

Opra continues: minute 4:39 

And feel, focus especially on the feeling rather than any intellectual understanding THIS feels good, this feels so much better, I’m going to do this from now on because this feels good not because of some story about why it feels good. BECAUSE it feels good And as you practice this even more. This is Counter-Culture, this is revolutionary to do something simply because it feels good with no explanation, no justification.

What do you want to do? Go to the store? No it feels better to stay home. But don’t you need to go to the store? Well…but it feels better to stay at home. But don’t you think …IT feels better right now, right here right now to stay home. I do this because it feels better. 

You want to go for a walk? I want to go for a short walk. But I thought we were going to go for a long walk? But I feel like I want to go for a short walk. My body, I can feel it very clearly, short walk, gentle, soft, easy. Not because there is anything wrong, not because I’m tired, not because I’m lazy, not because you said this or this or this to me later or earlier or whenever. Because my body is very clear; THIS feels good. And then I’m going to check in with my body as we go; Does this still feel good?

Yeah this feels really good. Ok, I start to feel a little bit towards the end we’re going to turn around now. But that’s shorter than you said. Or that’s longer than you said. It doesn’t matter. I FEEL GOOD, MY BODY FEELS GOOD in this one way this is what I’m doing because it feels good.

The others may run screaming from the room. Let them.

I trust you enjoyed this.

With SO much love,