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Hey hey, I’m happy to see you again. I told you before in the introduction on my homepage that you won’t see any new information in here. So if you’re familiar with Neville Goddard, Seth or like teachers and teachings like Florence Scovel Shinn, The Kybalion, Yogananda, Walter D. Wallace, Joseph Murphy and Napoleon Hill to name a few, than you know that you should always be aware and mindful of your self-talk. That you should know what inner conversations you are having every moment of the day. 

What we experience in our reality is based on what we think, what we feel and what we belief. Last week I focused on feelings and how they create in this article. And now I want to go into the inner conversations, or thoughts, or self-talk aspect of our reality creation.

Florence Scovel Shinn has a couple of amazing audio books, read by Lila that I recommend you listen to. This is one of my favourites. It helps to hear her speak too, because when you hear the same information from different perspectives, in different ways and from different voices, you will get the full experience and you will make a 360 out of it. It helps to make it click. It helps you trust in yourself and in the ancient teachings that are the truth of how our reality really works.

She says, your worlds are your thoughts pushed out. And we know that our Self-Talk is based on our State. Or State of mind.  It depends on how we feel. 

 It’s a bit of a chicken egg thing (the answer to this dilemma, by the way, is BOTH are now, since everything is NOW ;-)) Because what came first, the feeling or the thought. My way of approaching this is the thought came first. 

The thought caused the feeling and while it is not always easy to change the feeling, when you start to repeat other words to yourself (self-talk) that you had probably been repeating, otherwise you would not have been feeling crappy … you will start to feel different.

The more you repeat this kind of positive self-talk, the more your inner conversations are wonderful the better you will feel. And you start to create more of what you desire to see. Instead of creating by default without knowing what you are creating. An apple tree produces apples, a prune tree prunes and an orange tree oranges. In the same way, wonderful thoughts create wonderful experiences and fearful thoughts create ….

I will end here now for today, I just moved places, I manifested a wonderful new place in Berlin, and I’m making it cosy and homely.

Let me end by saying this, whenever you are feeling down and out and you feel like your working hard and nothing is clicking and you can’t seem to get out of it. Then take a break from all of this.

This is a Seth Quote found on Lynda Madden Dahl’s Facebook page that will help you make sense of my just given advice.

“Changing one’s beliefs is a bold endeavor. It is quite possible that along the way you may become discouraged or disillusioned. At such times it is a good idea to give yourself time to relax. Turn your attention to something else entirely, and mentally say, ‘To hell with it all for now.’

“The entire idea involves a process in which you try and not try at the same time, in which you do not strain to achieve results, but instead gently begin to allow yourself to follow the contours of your own subjective feelings, to uncover those spiritual and biologically valid beliefs of early childhood, and to bring to them the very best wisdom that you have acquired throughout your life so far. …

“We are actually involved in changing a way of life, in altering our very view of the self and the world, in the hopes of acquiring a new sense of harmony with our bodies, our minds, our fellow creatures, and the environment.

“The Way Toward Health, Chapter 11, June 8, 1984

Much much love from Berlin,


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