We ARE literally what we create in our minds. Our face, hands, legs, bellies, bums, in short our bodies are what we believe them to be. Which means that, like with anything else in your life, you can use your thoughts feelings and beliefs that create a different look. You can use Conscious Creation to enhance your beauty. To become the most beautiful version OF YOURSELF. Here’s a quote from Seth that explains this:

Now: In my home environment I assume whatever shape I please, and it may vary, and does, with the nature of my thoughts. You, however, form your own physical image at an unconscious level in more or less the same manner, but with some important differences. You usually do not realize that your physical body is created by you at each moment as a direct result of your inner conception of what you are, or that it changes in important chemical and electromagnetic ways with the ever-moving pace of your own thought.

Picture by Victor Shimin

And ..

Now your closest environment, physically speaking, is your body. It is not like some manikin-shape in which you are imprisoned, that exists apart from you like a casing.

Your body is not beautiful or ugly, healthy or deformed, swift or slow simply because this is the kind of body that was thrust upon you indiscriminately at birth.

Instead your physical form, your corporeal personal environment, is the physical materialisation of your own thoughts, emotions, and interpretations.

Quite literally, the “inner self” forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts.

You grow the body. Its condition perfectly mirrors your subjective state at any given time. Using atoms and molecules, you build your body, forming basic elements into a form that you call your own.

Your bodies not only change completely every seven years, for example. They change constantly with each breath.


What does this mean? It means that you look how you expect to look. It means that you have to become aware of what you consciously think about yourself.

And if you want to change how you look, then you have to start thinking differently about yourself. Through a series of different posts that I will tag “Beauty” so you can easily find it back, I will share from my own experience how I changed my body and my looks and I will give you pointers how you can do the same.

Don’t worry, what you think and belief about yourself is very accessible to you. It’s not burried under layers of subconscious beliefs. All it takes from you is a willingness to find out and to go about it playfully.

Remember, that with all this material it is important to check against your own feelings and ideas what you read. Because it will only work when you believe it will. So you have to know yourself very well. And the easiest way to to this, knowing yourself that is, is to simply giving yourself the suggestion that it is easy to know yourself 😉

See you soon in the next post. For now you might want to check this IGTV I recently posted on Instagram.

And if you are wondering, my birth year is 1976. Not that it matters but it might give you the outside validation you’re looking for to believe that what I say and believe (= you can create the most beautiful version of yourself at any point in time) is true ;-).

Much much love and….

Everything you desire is possible for you, too.