An Invitation to Find Out About You

Let me start this blog post with a something funny that has happened to me this morning, or at least I find it funny. I am practicing what I preach, and I make a decision every morning, no joke, to choose happiness. And with this little anecdote, I invite you to also find out about you. How would you react, or maybe you experienced something similar this morning (would be crazy funny and you HAVE to send me an email if you did …

Picture by Dominik Scythe

So onto the story. No matter what my mind is trying to tell me to feel about what not or how to judge a situation, I take distance, I breathe and I choose to feel happy…

A lot of things went ‘wrong’ this morning, with the cherry on top being my “closet” a very creative solution I made which I was very happy with came down off the ceiling. I have no idea if I can fix it and it looks very naked all of a sudden in my little haven.

I had a couple of choices: Get angry, frustrated, question “why did this happen, why did I create this” in a victim style, curse, but also: get my bubble blower that I found a couple of moments before when I was cleaning up and blow some bubbles 😀 I decided to blow some bubbles and figure out later if and how I will fix it.

First I wanted to enjoy my coffee that had just finished before it all came down and write this post. Onto the interesting stuff for you guys.

I have decided to start a series of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’ teachings, based on his book Psycho Cybernetics and connect this to the Seth and Neville teachings that say that we create what we think about, we feel about, we react to, etc. Last week I wrote about what you can expect when you start this changing of Self Image journey. Especially when you are making bigger leaps and I also did a video that goes into the first parts of chapter 1 of The New Psycho Cybernetics.

I did a video on this, which you can check out below and now I want to go a bit deeper into the contents of that video. dr Maxwell Maltz claims that the Self Image is the key to live without limits, and the opposite if then of course also true. Your limites are self-imposed and linked to your Self-Image. Neville talks a lot about Concept of Self and Seth about our Mental Blue Prints. So what is it that we can take away from this first bit of information in the book? And how can it help you to find out about you?

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them
was superior to circumstance.

-Bruce Barton

In a Quote in the Cosmpolitan in the January 1959 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, based on the teachings of Psycho Cybernetics it said that:

Understanding the psychology of the self can mean the difference between success and failure, love and hate, bitterness and happiness. The discovery of the real self can rescue a crumbling marriage, recreate a faltering career, transform victims of “personality failure.” On another plane, discovering your real self means the difference between freedom and the compulsions of conformity.

Whatever is now difficult for you, whatever may have prompted your reading of this book, can be transformed from difficult to easy through the use of certain sound psychological concepts, easily understood and mastered mental training techniques, and a few practical steps.

I would argue that the most important psychological discovery of modern times is the discovery of the self-image. By understanding your self-image and by learning to modify it and manage it to suit your purposes, you gain incredible confidence and power.

The New Pscyho Cybernetics, Chapter One.

So how does this work then? According to dr Maxwell Maltz, we carry a mental blue print of ourselves. it is based on everything we experienced up until now, or at least THE VERSION OF US WHE CHOOSE TO BE NOW, because creation is finished and all states exist as Neville says, and once an idea or a belief about ourselves goes into this picture it becomes the truth.

This self-image is our own conception of the “sort of person I am.” It has been built up from our own beliefs about ourselves. Most of these beliefs about our- selves have unconsciously been formed from our past experiences, our successes and failures, our humiliations, our triumphs, and the way other people have reacted to us, especially in early childhood. From all these we mentally construct a self(or a picture of a self). Once an idea or a belief about ourselves goes into this picture it becomes “truth,” as far as we personally are concerned.

Again, find about you. Who are you at this moment?

We do not question its validity, but proceed to act upon itjust as ifit were true.The self-image then controls what you can and cannot accomplish, what is difficult or easy for you, even how others respond to you just as certainly and scientifically as a thermostat controls the temperature in your home. Specifically, all your actions, feelings, behavior, even your abili- ties, are always consistent with this self-image. Note the word: always. In short, you will “act like” the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. More important, you literally cannot act otherwise, in spite of all your conscious efforts or willpower.

This is why trying to achieve something difficult with teeth gritted is a losing battle. Willpower is not the answer. Self-image management is.

The New Pscyho Cybernetics, Chapter One.

And this is what I will leave you with for now. And what you can do now, is find out about you. Who do you think you are? Without judgement of course. Self Acceptance is really key here, because as you know by now, you can choose to be someone different. All it takes is a decision.

I wish you lots of fun with this, with finding out who you are being at this very moment in time and space. And I will see you next week in here or on my Youtube channel. At this point in time I post new video’s every Monday and new blogposts every Wednesday.

Oh ja, and to circle it back to the beginning of the post, who am I? What is part of my Self Image? What qualities do I cultivate in myself? That I decide how I feel, and not my outside circumstances. I am light hearted and love to view live as fun and pleasurable. You?

Much love,


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