Self Talk, Reality and Self Image

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Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday so time for a new post. The last couple of weeks I’ve been diving deeper into the teachings of dr. Maxwell Maltz who wrote the classic and one of the most important self help books of all times (next to the bible):

Psycho Cybernetics.

We know that Neville Goddard often said that our Self Talk creates our reality and Dr. Maltz adds to this by making us understand that our Self Talk determines our image and our image determines how we talk to ourselves, it’s a feedback loop … which determines how our reality looks and feels.

Both say the same, as do many many others, they just say it slightly differently which helps to make the necessary connections in our brain. And the more you trust this knowledge the more you are willing to go out on a limb to put this teachings to the test. Because after all, we have to be “doers of the word and not hearers”. Or how Maxwell puts it “Experiencing is the secret.” He gives this example to harden his argument, which I love:

Our present state of self-confidence and poise is the result of what we have experienced rather than what we have learned intellectually. A child doesn’t feel loved because it is told so, it feels loved because it experienced the love.

Pscyho Cybernetics, dr. Maxwell Maltz

I wrote a couple of blogposts already and posted two videos on this topic so far. The other posts you can read here and here and the video’s you can see here and here and they’re probably also displayed underneath in this post.

In this week’s post I also want to share some new realisations I had, especially with regards to body image and beauty and share some wonderful successes with you as well as some techniques that work magic for me. By the way, if you haven’t noticed already I combine the teachings from my favourite teachers at this point in time : Neville, Seth and Maxwell Maltz.

The Mirror Principle

Everything you see is a reflection of what is going on within you. This means that when you look around you, you see your thoughts, feelings and beliefs materialised into things, situations, events and people.

What’s important to understand here is that if you fail to see something that you wish to see there’s nothing wrong with this principle, or there is some kind of an exception to this rule when it comes to you and/or this subject that you’re working on.

What it does mean is that that you are not aware of the real contents of your mind. Conscious or subconscious it doesn’t matter how you call it, you are able to reach your real thoughts and feelings at all times when you intend to and make an effort to find out. You don’t have to, it’s your life. But if you want to have a live worth living multiple times over, I really recommend that you do take the time and make the effort.

Let me clarify what I started to explain by giving an example. If your wish is to be free of any money concerns and be able to freely spend money whenever on whatever and you say to me I’m doing the works, I’m affirming everyday, I feel great, I am on a high vibe on a great mental diet but no matter what I do, the money isn’t showing up … Then two things are not quite aligned. Which is first: if you are really doing the work, you would not take score. Secondly this means you are not unconditionally but conditionally practicing…

This is the right way: BEING and FEELING wealthy, no matter what shows up in your life. Or how reality seems to look at this moment. There is usually a delay with regards to what happens in your thoughts and feelings and how 3d reality looks. How long anything takes depends on YOUR QUALITY OF FOCUS.

The 3d reality does not create your personal reality, it does not create your personal experience. YOU create your personal reality by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The only thing the “reality” shows you is what are the contents of your be-ing. It is a mirror. Before I explain how you can fix this, let me emphasise what I just said with a quote from Seth and this subject is also the main subject of my pinned post on my blog (for a good reason ;-))

“Your present beliefs govern the actualization of events. Creativity and experience are being formed moment by moment. Period.”


Ok. So what can you do about it? First accept that you are creating what you are seeing without blaming or frustration, just as information. If you do blame and judge and frustrate you create more of it. That’s just how it is, plain and simple. It’s information, that’s all. Be honest to yourself, are you doing the work to GET something or somewhere, OR are you doing the work because IT SIMPLY FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD? The first is conditional and is actually saying in between the lines: I’ll be happy when. And the second is saying, I don’t give a rats ass what happens or doesn’t happen I WANT TO ENJOY MY LIFE SO I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY NOW!! And that’s unconditional. It’s an ode to life itself and it’s something that will create heaven on earth for you because you will mirror all kinds of amazing things. Meaning you will create all kinds of amazing things, it has to because IT IS LAW.

You are not keeping track of anything and whenever the thought pops up about that thing, or person, or event or free coffee you want to enjoy you say to yourself; It will come. And you trust that, because you know how reality works.

This is all the work there is to do and it gets easier I can promise you that from experience. You will get into the flow when you want to and stay there as long as you want and when you happen to fall out of it you get yourself back there quickly because you realise that it’s not worth your time and energy to NOT BE on your happy high vibing horse. Simply because it feels shit.

Moral of the story, whenever you are keeping score, you know you are focusing wrong.

Ok, I said I would link this Self Image stuff to physical body and physical beauty earlier in this post, but actually I believe this is enough for now. If you are more familiar with these teachings and you are good at connecting dots, then this information might be already enough for you and you can use it yourself without wanting or needing some more information.

If not, I will write more about this soon.

A couple of cute successes in my own life of lately; everything flows like crazy, every day is seriously filled with admirers, lovely interactions with people I know or don’t know either online or out on the streets. My personal relationships with my dear ones are getting better by the day and I in love with my life and the people in it. Yesterday I found a beautiful white rose, I have been receiving new and extra’s on orders, I get discounts and from discounts on things I purchase, free random gifts and I get treated with love and respect by seriously everyone and random people, men AND women let me go in front of them in the supermarket. And not because I have way less in my basket, because I don’t. The real cause is always within.

I am very loving to others and appreciate my life immensely, I appreciate these teachings and I look within for anything that I see outside, I blame nobody (ok hardly anybody and when I do fall in this trap I correct myself).

This life is not a one way street. But. And. The street DOES START WITH ME.

So that’s it for this week. Long post, phew.

I will post a new video on my Youtube next Monday and probably in the mean time also some success stories from Psycho Cybernetics on Youtube. Who doesn’t like a good success story. See ya soon.

Much much much love.


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