Self Image & The Perfect Inner Conversations

Hey hey, so nice to see you here again. It’s Wednesday, time for a new blog post. Today I will talk about Self Image and how to have the |Perfect and creative Inner Conversations.

Last Monday, like every Monday, I did a video on the practice that dr. Maxwell Maltz gives us with regards to changing our Self Image. You can see the video by clicking here. In short: sit down 30 minutes a day and see yourself act, feel and behave your perfect self would. And with perfect I mean what makes it perfect for YOU. Not what anyone else thinks, we’re passed that ;-]

Picture by: Derek Liang

Did you ever notice that you have inner conversations constantly? Most of the are automatic so you don’t notice them, it’s like when you are working on something important with a lot of concentration and you have music playing in the background. Sometimes the music fades away, it is still there though, and at times you become aware of it again.

It’s exactly the same with Inner Conversations. How to make them “Perfect”. As in, how to make them create what you want for you, because we all know that thoughts, feelings and beliefs create. Like I state in just about any blog post and go into a bit more extensively in the very first one I wrote here.

For inner conversations to create what you want you have to know what you are saying and start saying the opposite if you are not seeing what you’d like to see at this very moment. Can it be that simple?! Yes it is. You don’t know the contents of your minds on certain topics or perhaps on every important topic.

An example: Food. If you, like me, eat delicious meals daily that you either prepare yourself, have someone else cook for you or eat out … when there delicious without fail than it means you have an expectation that you always eat delicious. You have inner conversations that automatically assume that you always eat delicious foods, that you trust what you choose, or what your babe makes you. Think about it, it is TRUTH.

Now, a bit harder for some. Money. How much is in your bank account? Is it high, low, normal? Whatever that is for YOU. You know why it’s there? And in that amount? Because you expect it. With your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Or differently said with the conversations that you have with yourself about money and the amount of money that you feel comfortable with.

Same goes for every topic out there, family, friends, love relationships, health, society, etc.

So now onto the Perfect Inner Conversation. You first know in the form of an affirmation what you would like to create instead of what you’re seeing now. Let’s stick with food: – I always eat delicious food, I cook delicious foods, my babe cooks me delicious things [and even a lot of my favourite things without him consciously knowing it], when I eat out I always choose the best dishes. That’s the affirmation.

Now here’s the trick, how does this Look, and Sound, and Feel? It looks like you feeling joyful and excited to eat, it looks like you giving your babe a kiss and a hug and saying: Wauw, you always know exactly what to make me it’s delicious! And you give them a hug and kiss. It feels so good in your mouth and with every bite you savour it.

Now THAT is the Perfect Inner Conversation. I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty literal so sometimes when I hear the word conversation I forget that conversations always have moods and feeling tones to them. Words have a feeling tone to them. ALL THE WORDS.

If you haven’t heard of the dr. Masaru Emoto water experiment, check it out on Youtube. It will blow your mind.

The Perfect Self Image is created in the same way. With Innner Conversations that you have with Yourself, with the Others, with your Body, with Your environment. Because make no mistake, every thought you’re thinking is an inner conversation, it goes forth and creates more of the same.

This is enough for this week, let me find a wonderful Neville Quote to end this blog post with.

“What you sincerely believe as true of another you will awaken within him.”

Neville Goddard, Prayer The Art of Believing – Chapter 4 – Controlled Reverie

Much much love,

Looking forward to seeing you next week.


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