Suicidal Thoughts & New Man vs Old Man

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It’s Wednesday, time for a new blog post. Welcome to the new email subscribers and the “old” ones too. How is the New Man created and what do Suicidal thoughts have to do with this?

This post is inspired by a video I did and I just received a comment on and is called: “Reframing Suicidal Thoughts”. And if you’re interested you can watch it here. I would suggest you watch it later, and read on first.

Picture by: Tanjir Ahmed Chowdhury

We have been talking a lot ([ kind of only ] about Self Image in the last weeks, all my posts and most of my videos are about it. Why? Because you create your life from who you think you are from moment to moment. Every little thing is put there by you based on you.

And since the You is malleable, it’s a choice from moment to moment you can recreate your life. You can recreate, the things in it, the people in it, you can recreate your life experience.

Neville talks about Concept of Self and Becoming the New Man vs being the Old Man. You have to know that there is not just one New Man, there are trillions of versions of the New Man. It’s too big to wrap your head around, and I wouldn’t spend anytime there.HOW?

Put your time and energy in understanding that at any moment in time you have a choice to think the thoughts you want and to believe what you want and to feel what you want. You constantly choose, most of the choices are automatic, like when you learn how to drive a car at one point you sometimes don’t even remember how you drove from A to B. It’s the same with thoughts, they “follow the tracks laid down.”

Know who you are being now, and know that this version of you isn’t set in stone. It’s made out of clay. Some of you might know that I post on Reddit too, for those of you that are feeling it today, here you can read why it’s so vital to know yourself. The spoiler is, you have your own unique way of doing things, and you are the only one who knows how to get from the old to the new man,

I listened to the Coin of Heaven again yesterday. I heard or understood many new things. Or differently and more accurately said, this version of me received a deeper knowing from this lecture excerpt. Underneath an excerpt of the Coin of Heaven and here you can listen to Lila from Nevilution reading it.

Nevilles thoughts on it

For those who haven’t heard why I say you walk tracks, you are standing forever in the presence of an infinite and eternal energy, and from this energy all things proceed, but they proceed according to pattern. Energy is moving in a certain pattern and you determine the pattern that it takes, for you actually lay down these tracks within you that energy flows over by the use of your inner conversations. This energy, I call it now mind, follows the tracks laid down in a man’s own inner talking.

So if your inner conversations are not what they should be, I ask you today to start carrying on conversations within yourself from premises of fulfilled ideals; the man you want to be, the woman you want to be, if you have failed so far to embody it, now you begin to assume that you are that man, that you are that woman, and inwardly carry on conversations with your friends, those that respect you, or those you want to respect you, and carry on these conversations from the premises that they see in you the man and the woman that you want the world to see, just as though you were, and these words, inner words, which are really the breeding ground of future action will lay down new tracks and then the energy which is always flowing will flow over these tracks and the conditions and the circumstances of life will change. If you do not lay new tracks, I will prophesy for you you will find your self repeating it but you will not know you’ve done it before.

So I bring you a message to make you conscious: man must awake from the dream where he is simply an automaton. He moves like a machine, then he begins to awake and when he awakes then he is not that man at all that he seemingly in the past played for eternity. He awakes into a new being, a new man.

Neville Goddard, The Coin of Heaven


Lastly I would like to give you this priming meditation that will assist you in your moving into the “New Man”. What do I mean by priming? It’s a warm up and you should insert your own affirmations after this. When you are familiar with working out, you know you need to first warm up before you go into heavy lifting. Or when you are planning to do any intense Asana’s [yoga] you know you first need to warm up and you don’t go straight out of the dressing room into a wheel.

So you have enough for a nice day of reading and listening and understanding the Law even better.

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