Standard, Extended or Deluxe?

Standard Edition, Extended Edition, Deluxe Edition of YOUR version of reality?

Picture by Silas Baisch

In the world of conscious creation there is actually something special about these I mention here. These you can’t buy.

You can only perceive one of them at a time. As anything in our reality you focus on. Neville and Seth and more alike teach us that everything is now and is actually also being played out NOW.

And which edtion you perceive is depending on your state of being at the moment of perception.

You can use this information to know what your state of being is being and to course correct based on this information.

In other words your current edition of life depends on your dominant vibration. It’s that simple. Change your vibration, change the edition. Which by the way can go up as well as down. Nothing is static, everything is ever changing.

Know which emotions, actions and thoughts belong to which edition and have fun choosing the one you wish to experience from moment to moment.

Much much love,


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