Don’t Wait For Permission To Feel Free

Good morning, day everyone. I had a body felt realisation about something today.

Decide To Feel Free

I was feeling uncomfortable about something and more specifically about my yoga classes. Somehow I don’t feel drawn to do online classes anymore. I am a great teacher, and yes you read that right I just said that about myself ;-D and I pay lots of attention to alignment, which means a lot of my energy goes to the screen when I’m teaching a class.

picture by antunes vila nova neto

And somehow that doesn’t feel good anymore. Let’s say there’s not enough return on investment. I wrote my students with a proposal and a question and they haven’t answered yet. I felt guilty and uncomfortable and really unwell in my body because of it. It doesn’t make sense to stop the classes, because it’s my job too. But I am also of the school of don’t do things that don’t feel good.

But this doesn’t make sense. Well, yes it doesn’t have to make sense. And after a really restless sleep I got up to do the guided morning meditations that I’m offering and doing. And all of a sudden I understood it in my body.

Wait a minute. Who is making me feel uncomfortable? I AM. Nobody can with a reply or without a reply. It doesn’t matter, I DECIDE.

My Life, My Rules, My Thoughts in My Head and energy field. And by the way, this is what it means to have FREE WILL. The freedom to choose how you want to feel, apart from what’s happening around me.

And just like that, I was back again. Back in control, back in trust, back in the space that I love to be in most and that is following my intuition, following my heart even if my head can’t make sense out of it.

This way of life brings me the most magic and the most joy. And it’s when I return back to trust, that I can experience the fullness of life. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with feeling bad, it serves multiple purposes. One is that I get information that something in my thinking is off, and the other is that I get to notice and appreciate the wonderful feelings so much more because of it. Because of the contrast.

I wish you a beautiful day with lots of insights and I see you soon.

Much love,


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