How you can use Shame, Guilt and Fear.

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If you’re new to Conscious Creation this will sound very ‘out there’, if you aren’t new to this topic then it can still seem a bit hard to grasp, but just stick with me and you’ll have it down in no time.

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So into this weeks post. How you can use the emotions of shame, guilt and fear. Well first you should know that whenever you feel these feelings, and stress is also one of them, then you are living your life out in linear time. And you might ask yourself, well, if I’m not living my life out in linear time then where else should I live it?

And that is the perfect question. The thing is, linear time is camouflage. Just like everything you see is camouflage. It doesn’t exist really, it is made my you it comes through you and it resides in the spacious present. Which is where everything that can ever be is, everything that ever was is, and everything that is now is.

I know that this is really hard to fathom, so just accept it for now so you can get the benefits of it and come back to it later. How I do it, is I feel myself expand beyond my body and from that point I can automatically feel that this is a truth, this might help as a pointer for you in the beginning.

So how can you use these emotions? Well, they mean that you are cause and effect thinking. So and so happened, and therefor this and that is the outcome.

Let me clarify with an example: I stayed out too late with my friends, and therefore I missed my alarm and therefor I arrived too late at an important diner of my boyfriend and now I feel guilty for not being more mindful of the time, so that I could be more in time at the diner party of my bf.

Reasoned from the cause and effect plane: Effect: being too late + Cause: too late at home = Feeling of Guilt

But! You don’t have to see it that way. Because multiple other probabilities are also present at this very moment. You can drop the guilt like it’s hot and go straight to: My boyfriend is so happy that I’m here, even though I arrived a bit late – don’t even go into the reason, because the reason is a different one! – it’s a perfect get together.

You would want to try to make sense of this, but you don’t HAVE to. If you really want to understand it, because it will help you in your conscious creation skills, that I get. And for that reason I’m going to go a bit deeper into this.

So when the linear time thinking cause and effect doesn’t make sense in a world of conscious creation. Then how did these things happen? Because I did stay up late, and I did wake up too late and I did arrive late.

Yes, you did. But these are three separate events and the reason they happened are different, they are very personal so I can never figure that out for you, only you can. But since this is a hypothetical situation I can help you with the right train of thought, so you can draw the right conclusions out of your own experiences.

The real cause and effect, outside of linear time and in the spacious present is this: You have a feeling, a belief about something, and that causes an experience. The belief, the feeling is the cause and the experience the effect.

That things seem to flow into each other, is part of the camouflage agreement we’ve made on this planet. Just take this as a truth even if you don’t get it yet.

The missing your alarm had another reason: You being afraid to miss the alarm and therefor coming to late to the diner. The coming to late to the diner can come from an inner belief that you’re always too late at important events. You being not too mindful of the time, when out in town can have the cause that you believe that you’re bad at going home at the right time.

All of these are just probable events that had happened because of your emotional focus and your mind focus. The guilt, comes from the fact that you believe you have done something wrong. But the only wrong doing here, is your reasoning. Nothing else. And you can say, yeah but I chose the wrong events and that’s why I feel guilty. Then my answer is, you’re just addicted to the feeling of guilt and you’re now arguing for your limitations.

You don’t have to feel guilty about anything, because at ANY TIME – the point of power is Now and Now you choose which you and which world as Seth says – you can choose to have a different experience in the Now. And by feeling different in your Now, you have changed the past to fit your Now feeling.

Another great reason not to feel guilty now, is that whatever you feel in this moment, creates the experience of the next moment. So keep your mind, your feelings and your you as joyful and as clear as you can at any moment in time.

Ok, that’s it for Now ;-D yes pun.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

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