Exploring a new help in manifesting

Picture by Siim Luka

Hey lovely one. You’re here because you love to learn more about how you can consciously create a great life.

We create all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly and we do it without knowing we do it. Well not you, because you already understand the basics. Right? If you need a refresher, then read this article: The Concept of Conscious Creation.

So now on to the good stuff. You know that you are first spirit that’s having a human experience in a physical body. You also know that through your breath, you keep your body in the world of the material things, because without breath there is no life.

You might not know that there is a correlation between disease and breathe and that it has been discovered – already by the Yogi’s back in the days – that the breathe is actually responsible for your health.

My theory is, and I’m pretty sure that some wise one somewhere already said this at sometime, that through the use of your breath consciously you can manifest your best life.

If you follow me on Youtube, and you watch my videos regularly, then you also know that I have started a Yoga Therapy and a new Yoga Teacher training. In these courses I learn new things about Pranayama, or otherwise said our energy.

Energy is responsible for our vibe and our vibe attracts our tribe. Not only our tribe, it’s responsible for the whole of life that you are experiencing.

At this moment, I unfortunately don’t have time to go to deep into this yet, and I already wanted to plant a seed here, because This Is It. Too. And since you know everything is based on beliefs, the easier it is to believe something, the more it will help you in creating that what you want to create.

The tips I can give you now are these:

Find out how often you breathe during a minute. Time yourself. If this is between ten and 12 or less it’s perfect. If you breathe more, there’s work to do for you. Which is fairly easy, so don’t panic.

The breathing should happen through your nose AND you should breathe via your diaphragm, which means no chest breathing.

I will leave you with this logic: We manifest the best things through feeling our best. When we are calm, relaxed and ecstatic we attract the likes of that. And how do you get yourself calm, relaxed and ecstatic? Yes through your breath.

More to follow, for now I wish you a beautiful one and if you’d like more of me. Check out my Youtube channel or Instagram.

Wishing you much, much love,


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