Understanding This Gives You Freedom Forever

Oh my, a pretty impressing claim, or? And one that makes your heart feel light, that perhaps made you breathe deeply for the first time today? The understanding of a concept, and not only the understanding… Also the application of it, but really you can not really apply it, because it’s a state of feeling really, an attitude.

What am I talking about? About cause and effect and simultaneous time. Bashar talks about it, Seth talks about it, Sarah Landon and the council talk about it, and I’m sure many others and for me the ones mentioned are enough.

I’m at home in quarantine. I have Corona and I feel fine-ish. And I also understand why I’m home with Corona. I had gotten too distracted with the outside, I was too much caught up in “reality’ again and found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I’m healthy enough to read, to watch and to write and am not fit enough to do any more than that. Thank God for internet, for books and my inner self for her continues guidance.

Freedom from cause and effect and linear time caused me to create a lot of unbelievable magic in the past already, and it’s the only place where magic is at. So what is this concept that you should understand? It consists basically of three rules:

  1. There is no succession of moments that follow one after the other, [everything is now]
  2. There is no cause and effect [things happen based on your expectations, based on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs]
  3. The Point of Power is now and from that point you choose which you and which world [ Seth ]

This means, that the cause and effect that you have seen up until now, all of the things that were seemingly a consequence of a certain happening, action, event, they were in truth caused by something else.

It’s a bit snake biting it’s tail, because if you expect cause and effect in the old sense of the words, you see cause and effect, and when you see it then you believe it, which reinforces the old way of doing and thinking.

Well, you and I know by now that believing is seeing [ and not the other way around ] so this is the first way we can get ourselves out of that loop. The second way to get out of the loop is first resting in this knowledge and really let it sink in, to feel the OOOOOHHHHH WAAAUUUUUWWWW of it. Seriously. Always when I realise this I automatically take a deep breath and I feel my body relax.

Think of a situation in your life right now that you like. This can be anything. You might attribute it to luck, to other people, to something you did and that’s why it’s there. I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

It’s here because you EXPECTED it to be there, and because of your expectation, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around it, the wheels of physical reality were set in motion and it appeared in your life. So behind the “logical” cause is another cause. The REAL cause.

I used this example before in different blogposts and video’s and one I wrote on Reddit and might be in here too, but this one was easier to find for me so I link it here. In short: The money that you have in your wallet is there because you expect it to be there, not because you received it, you took it out of the cash machine, you found it, you…. [enter super creative way of receiving it]. It can’t be any other way, because everything is now.

The money in your savings account is there because you expected it to be there, the last time you looked it said: EUR 5.456,89 and you haven’t withdrawn money or received money on top. In reality it is not there because of these reasons [old world cause and effect] – that would be the world upside down, it’s old world thinking and believing in the mirror ….. it’s there because you expect it to be there.

If we can release ourselves from what we think is the past, and you do this by first understanding that you can because everything is now and recreated in the now, then you can create positive growth in all directions in the flick of a thought. Because you know you’re free from the world of linear time and things having to follow a certain route.

With this it’s best to take it slow and give yourself time and play with it. Because it’s very easy to fall in frustration around this and wanting and trying to manipulate and forcing.

In fact it is about freeing, breathing, opening up to a plethora of possibilities, leaving the mirror and changing your face, relaxing and releasing and knowing that all is well.

Smiling to yourself when you catch yourself in old world thinking and reminding yourself often of the nature of reality.

  1. There is no succession of moments that follow one after the other
  2. There is no cause and effect
  3. The Point of Power is now and from that point you choose which you and which world

So what are you waiting for. Drop everything that doesn’t serve you at this moment from your energy field now, and dive into this.

Sending you much much love and see you back in here soon.


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