Diamonds are made under pressure

There is a Dutch saying that goes like this: ” Zonder Wrijving Geen Glans.” Which means, literally translated, that without friction there won’t be any shine. And you can test this easily with wine glasses. When you want to have them shine, you have to rub the glasses and there needs to be a friction when rubbing, otherwise you can’t make the glass shine. Literally.

I was watching this amazing talk on Gaia from a lady called dr. Sue Morter and she said the following, which I liked so much that I decided to share it with you as this week’s message:

“The people in your life are representing parts of your own consciousness and if there’s a rub there, it’s medicine. We learn in this dimension [meaning earth] through friction. You are made of the highest frequency energy that exists in this dimension. You are the highest, you ARE the highest, the real you is the highest vibrational frequency in this dimension.”

She continues to talk a lot more about energy and a lot of other mega interesting things, that I might share in the blog posts to come. To end this for now I want to share, as I said in my first post of this year I believe it was, that the highest ideal for us is to be Whole. And we become whole by accepting ALL parts of us, especially the parts that we and or others judge.

And when you’re there. So it’s not about forcing yourself to feel good when you feel really crappy, it’s not about pretending you are on top of the world when you feel at rock bottom. It is about feeling all of it, allowing it, not be scared of these feelings because you know you create crap from crap, but trusting that this what shows up wants to be felt and seen. Not to wallow in it, but to acknowledge it. Accept it. See it and then you can choose to release it, because you SEE it.

You can’t say no to things you don’t see. The same as you wouldn’t say yes to anything you don’t really see [unless you trust yourself one hundred percent that is] When you are THERE. You ARE home free.

Wishing you a lovely rest of the week and see you next week.

Much love,


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