Don’t make this mistake in Conscious Creation

Hey everyone, I trust you are having a lovely week so far and that you are enjoying your life as it is right now, while at the same time also working on creating something even better for yourself.

When you are in the game of Conscious Creation, you might sometimes fall into the trap – it still happens to me too – that you are looking for results. That you are looking around you and think, where is it? I have been imagining my head off, why is it not here yet. How can that be, why is it taking so long…

As soon as you’re there, you are in the wrong State. Because if you would really have it, would you be looking for it? No you wouldn’t. ;-D It’s subtle isn’t it. And yet that is exactly where it is at.

You know that feeling is the secret, that when you feel it real you cause yourself to be in a State, and the State creates automatically, flawlessly, seamlessly. Thinks won’t fall from the sky, they enter your life in a very natural way. Because that is the rule of reality.

So when you do your work, because it is work yes yes, and you are deliberately minding your vibration and you’re imagining experiencing something different then you do at this moment, it is very important that you don’t try to make anything happen. You do this work because you know that this is what creates automatically. You do it to have it now, to feel it now, not to be happy later, not to have it later.

Because when you do it to have it later, it will never come. How is that, because creating to have it later, will keep being, it will keep creating: Having it Later.

Read this a couple of more times. And when you GET IT, and you feel your body relax and you breathe a sigh of relief, you know you get it.

Keep reminding yourself of this dear one. Because THIS is the trick. Keep going for having it know. Be happy now. Feel it real now. Enjoy it now. No matter how it looks around you. What you see around you is old news. Keep a manifestation diary and keep track of all the things you consciously created, no matter how small they seem. Keep reminding yourself of the nature of reality and you will have in your 3d experience soon what is now only felt in your body and seen on the screen of your mind.

I hope and trust this is a helpful blogpost for you.

See you soon and wishing you much, much love.


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