BARBADOS, LOVE & MONEY – an interview with Tamwah

My dear friend and Sister from another Mister Tamwah and I had a wonderful talk. I interviewed her on how she has created herself moving to Barbados in the middle of a pandemic, meet her man after having gone through a heart wrenching break up and being an artist.

Enjoy the interview here:

And here’s more information + music + the deets on this amazing & beautiful human being.

Here’s my current top 5 fav songs/babies LOL!!

  1. Water is Life : The intention with this song is to draw awareness to the sacredness & interconnectedness of water in our daily life. Sharing tips in the song on how to connect deeper with water & your inner being. Normalizing having a relationship with mama nurture/nature/neter
  2. Warrajamba : It’s about mermaids…do I need to say more LOL!! Mermaids tales from an aboriginal perspective.
  3. Children of Ra : This song is a call to action, the action “is to be the change you want to see in the world”.
  4. Love like Water : I love conscious hip hop & producing this track helped expand me as an artist. Collaborating btwn Barbados & Byron with Kattimoni & Exodus online for songwriting sessions, them sending me their vocal stems to mix & us repeating the process with the music video…unstoppable team of artists! The title song of my album released early2021.
  5. Elevate : I wrote this beat in Barbados & took it to an NATSIMO (National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander member office)song writing workshop, We vibe on it being a song to uplift us & our culture. 

Much, much love


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