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The Only Thing That Really Matters

Hey lovelies, I hope and trust you’re great and if not now than in a couple of moments after you have read this post.

I’ve been changing my food and drinks game, which explained through the lens of the teachings of Seth is actually coming via a greater part of me. Everything that feels inspired and doesn’t really make that much sense – even though it is probably in line with what you’re interested in and used to going for – this one was kind of a surprise for me.

It links in with the message of this weeks blogpost. I have been inspired to go for mostly smoothies. I did one week of smoothies completely and then I switched to 1 solid meal a day, which is what I’m doing at the moment.

I do still like to start and end my days with smoothies because it complements my Yoga practice. As you know I practice a lot – next to my teaching – and it’s simply uncomfortable to practice Yoga with the foods I was eating before. And how I need now also helps me wake up easier, which to me is a sign that what I nourish my body with is healing, and nourishing and easily digestible.

I’ve done a fast in the past where we hardly ate anything, I believe it was about 155 calories a day if it wasn’t less and I had so much energy then and I used to wake up very early and energised. We weren’t allowed to drink coffee during this fast by the way.

Now, I am in my 3rd week, and as you might have seen on my Instagram if you follow me in my stories, I was doing Coffee, Yoga & Smoothies. Well as of yesterday – the 2nd of March this has turned into Tea, Yoga and Smoothies. It was really inspired by something bigger, because I seriously love coffee, or more the high that I get from it, and I also noticed that I was drinking more and more of it.

So I quit with coffee, again. So how does this tie in to this weeks blogpost. Well, in a couple of ways. So the only thing that matters ever and only is OUR VIBRATION. It’s from our vibration that we attract and create whatever it is that we experience next in our lives. And the things you eat and drink, well in my case for sure, but this might be different for you …. what I eat and drink definitely effects my mood.

Everyone is different and everyone has their unique way of getting high on life, feeling great and creating great things. How you know if this is also you is what happens to your mood and your body when you cut out certain types of foods and drinks?

At the moment I stopped eating certain processed vegan foods on the one hand my body was jumping for joy but on the other intense cravings started. Same with coffee, my mood has been not so amazing yesterday and today and I have slept during the day which I normally really don’t do, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

A huge sign for me that this doesn’t fit the person that is nudging me towards her in the side lines. Because you know everything is now, and also your “ideal Self” if you want to call it that, is nudging from some place. They know who you need to be and how you need to be in order for you to go from here to there.

What is it that you could change about your daily life to make you move into the direction of your dreams. If you know what these are that is?

Ok that’s it wonderful ones.

I wish you a lovely one, and I see you in here soon!

Much love,


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