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Mixed Results in Conscious Creation?

Hey everyone, today’s message is short and snappy. If the teachings don’t work, then it’s very likely that you are mixing and matching belief systems. Mixing is great with drinks. But for Conscious Creation ….This never works. It’s like dating two people at the same time, it’s confusing and you don’t really get to know either of them, because you’re always involved half with the other person and comparing instead of really committing to one.

So if you want to see results, decide what you are going for and completely stick with it. Give it a chance and commit fully, even if it is just to test.

Speaking from experience by the way.

If you have seen my Smoothie posts, you’ve seen that they’re password protected. You can check out the week’s one though and the password is: Week1 😀

Have fun!

Much love,


pic by Kitera Dent

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