So, if everything is simultaneous how comes my hair grows? If everything is simultaneous than how come my little brother is ageing. If everything is simultaneous than how come I lose weight if I eat less over a course of weeks?

These are all valid questions, and they don’t fit to simultaneous time, they fit to linear time. If you want to understand simultaneous time, it means you have to start asking different questions. The questions that are more valid are:

How does the Universe work? How come that things seem to grow while they aren’t, how is it organised then? And in case of losing weight, or changing my diet or any of these things, how do I get this inspiration any way?

I’ll answer these questions to the best of my ability with the knowledge that I can now reach.

EVERYTHING exists now. The egg, as well as the chicken. The chicken did not come from that one egg, well it did, but it already existed too. This is hard to understand when the mechanics are so different from what we grow up to believe which is that everything grows into something.

To quote Seth:

** Matter of itself is no more continuous, no more given to growth or age than is, say, the color yellow.

** Your entire physical environment comes as naturally out of your inner mind as words come out of your mouth.

** Beneath all camouflage exists that which has no need of camouflage, but simply is.

With regards to the last questions, losing weight and changing diets, or changing how you look profoundly, and how you think, what things interest you etc.

Let me share from my personal experience. I have changed so many times to a completely different version of me. And this is what I believe is happening. The now version of me has a desire. Let’s say she wants to be fitter. The fit version of me, let us call her the future version of me, already exists too and is giving the now version of me hunches and inspiration that will make her grow into the fit version of me.

Or the now version of me has a desire to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with someone that is into exactly the same things as she is like Yoga, Quantum Physics and such. The version of me that has this relationship also exists already and she will guide the now version of me into the choices and directions that will lead her to this partner.

Let’s say the now version of me wants to more money and she wants to make more money in an easy way, and all the while following her passion, and her calling. The version of me that is already there, has been there and done that is nudging the now version of me into the right avenues so she’ll meet the right people that will bring her unto the path of that job, with that bank account and the fulfilment she’s seeking.

What’s important to understand that everything is led by what Seth calls VALUE FULFILMENT. It is kind of a purpose of sorts. And you will, if you learn how to listen properly to your INNER SELF, because that is the one that is guiding you and that is connected to the larger part of you that oversees ALL PARTS OF YOU, you will be guided in that direction.

And how do you do this? You do this by getting to know yourself better. To go for what feels good, to mind YOU. To always first choose what makes you happy and to now be afraid. To KNOW without a doubt that you’re in charge of your reality. To laugh a lot, to take great care of you however that looks for you.

So don’t follow any rules blindly, follow the rules that make sense to you. In my case I notice that my body mind and spirit thrive on eating lots of fruits and smoothies, peanut butter, chocolate here and there. And no coffee. But this might be completely different for you. There is no one size fits all.

If you look at Oprah for instance. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t nourish herself with smoothies. But she is still very in tune and on her perfect path.

I’m pretty confident this clarifies a lot, as always feel free to ask me anything.

Much love,


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