You have read this before. If not, you should seriously get out from under that rock. If you have read it before, I wonder if you ever really thought about it. About what it means, what the implications are of the act of eating.  

You = Your Body, Your Thoughts, Your Beliefs, Your Ideas

Are = Defined 

What = That which is questioned and could be unsure, still

You = Your Body, Your Thoughts, Your Beliefs, Your Ideas

Eat = The verb of putting things into your mouth, which is then transformed into energy, into flesh, skin, hair, nails, bones, blood,  muscles, tissue, etc. and defines what and when your next food choice will be. If your previous meal was nourishing, enough and something you have no judgement about eating the next thing you put into your mouth will be very different from if it was all the opposite of what I’ve just stated. 

Does it make you understand how the form of your body, the quality of your sleep, how you view yourself and how you relate to others are also determined by exactly this” You Are What You Eat” thing?

Could it be that a future version of you, a version of you that has been trying to get through to you for a while now but that you have been pushing away because of a reason that only you can know, has been communicating this to you al along and wants you to make different choices which will change your life experience. 

Maybe the answer is; I have no idea. Or perhaps it is; Oh My God, Yes! Or …” Jesus woman what are you talking about” and you annoyedly close my blog and distract yourself so you can do anything but think…

I don’t know how you will react, obviously, I only know how my answer to this has changed profoundly.  And that this phrase had not sunken in yet until recently. Pretty soon after I had started to feed myself mostly uncooked and unprocessed, plant foods. As if I had woken up from a long sleep.

Curious how this is for you. 

I can’t relate to you yet how this ties in exactly with the Seth and Neville teachings. Other than that I know that this is a wish and an inspired action nudged by a future self of mine, that knows of the wishes and dreams of the current self and knows through which roads I will arrive “there” because everything is connected, no matter how seemingly insignificant…

I will uncover more of this, as I go and of course I will share it all of you.

See you in the next.



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