One of the most important things we can do as conscious creators. And why is that? Because our whole world, to the tiniest seemingly insignificant detail is created from our beliefs.

A definition of a belief is a thought you keep thinking until it becomes something automatic and unquestioned. It becomes a truth for you, but it doesn’t have to be a truth for another. That is a belief. You can see very clearly what your beliefs are by looking at your life now. You can see what the beliefs of your family are, of your friends, your partner, children, animals. Although the latter hasn’t been proven to have beliefs, if I look at the type of lifes they can create for themselves, I think they too have beliefs, but that’s not the topic for here and now.

I think I have convinced you of the importance of beliefs and how it’s paramount to work on these.

Before I go into how to change beliefs, I want to remind you of the simultaneity of time, meaning everything is now. I have written often about it and it’s one of my favourite rules of the magical way of living. Hold on, but how then if there is no linear time can we have beliefs? Yes, great question. It’s a part of the camouflage this seemingly one after the other moment that is produced by our brains, and honestly I have no wish of fully understanding this, I just take it as a given.

And, it can serve us in changing beliefs. Because it doesn’t have to be hard really. You can just decide to stop believing something. We usually make it harder on ourselves because of personal reasons, and it might feel safer in some cases to do so. Safer why? Well because it keeps us in the known. The unknown can feel very unsafe, even though it is a place you really don’t enjoy being, at least you know what to expect there.

To change beliefs you definitely need to have a sense of adventure and a trust in life. When you feel safe and when you know that you can deal with anything and everything that unexpectedly comes your way, it’s easier for you to let go of certain beliefs.

There are numerous techniques that are given for changing beliefs, and what I believe these do is just to prime you for feeling safe in releasing the old ones.

Seth tells us that we can do it in this way and it’s perfect for everyone that feels like they need a bit more time in changing their beliefs; Every day for about 5 to max ten minutes a day you are repeating to you a new statement which you want to be your new belief in the place of one that doesn’t serve you anymore. Like instead of life is hard and difficult you start to repeat to yourself that life is easy and wonderful.

You don’t just repeat it, you also feel it and you can do that by breathing and feeling how you actually start to breath deeper as soon as you feel and think this and how your body relaxes. Think about and envision how life looks when your life is easy and wonderful, you might envision yourself as smiling lots, spending lots of money on yourself and others and feeling just amazing. You may find yourself in another country sun-tanning on the beach or on a terrace of a beautiful mansion with delicious raw-vegan foods around you [ok yes, you’re a part of my envisioning now ] with wonderful people around you, listening to music and sipping a virgin cocktail.

When you do this for 5 to max ten minutes a day, you re-hypnotise yourself into a new belief, which will start to prove itself to be true soon enough in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Try it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose.

Have fun and see you in the next.

Much, much love.


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