Everything you have is already inside of you. And that is more literal then you might understand it to be now. We create it all from our minds. What we see, what we feel, what we experience. Who we love, who we dislike, the people we work with and that we “randomly” encounter. All of it comes from us and it’s a co-creation with everyone having there own reasons for co-created experiences.

In essence there are a few ways that you can decide to live your life by, one is from Love or From Fear, the other one is like everything is a miracle or everything is just well… boring. And then you can also choose to live life like as if it happens to you and if everything that you are experiencing is coincidental. But that’s not what you would like to believe, or you already have a knowing that another way is possible too, and that’s why you’re in here with me.

Your life is nothing but coincidental. It’s all an intricate woven tapestry, that is so beautifully created in a way that we will never really understand no matter how much books we read about it. It’s a feeling and a knowing [ when we let it be ] and a fact of the magical way of living life. It’s a choice really. You can choose to be at the effect of life, or you can choose to be a co-creator in your life.

And it’s really not that hard to do, to have a lovely life experience most of the time, it’s about knowing the basics of our reality, which you can find at the start page of this blog, and about constantly reminding yourself of the nature of reality and re-focusing.

Realising that at any time you are hypnotising yourself in one way or another and the more you can stay out of your head and choose to feel free and happy the easier it is.

It’s a muscle, really, like when you train for splits, when you keep at it long enough you’ll be able to do it. Is it easy? Not really. Is it worth it? You bet it is. Not the splits necessarily, even though I find them very rewarding. But in this case I’m talking about the effort it takes to exercise Your Conscious Creation muscle, to make it stronger, more agile, more lean. You know that the more you smile, the more you have to smile about…

Some other tips, the things that really help me in this game of life: I have an alarm on my phone that reminds me of the nature of reality, I read something with regards to these teachings every single day and the thing that I like most and makes me feel free most is knowing that I’m not living out my life in linear time, but in simultaneous time, makes me feel the free-est. I often use my imagination to feel and see myself at places that I like to find myself in 3d in the near future and I use my breathe. I sigh deeply and feel the relieve in my body on purpose. It’s the best feeling that is and it always helps me to course correct.

And that, is how I easily re-focus from a focus that doesn’t suit me at all.

I trust that this is somehow of service to you too, and I see you in the next.

Much love!


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