The title is a Neville quote paraphrased. It’s so easy to know all the theory, to know how all of it works but when it comes to doing we’re watching millions of videos of other people how they’re successful in making The Law work, instead of putting the work in ourselves and then wonder why the darn thing hasn’t showed up yet.

And that’s why, this week is going to be more of an assignment then anything else.

I want you to write the story of the NEW MAN. For people that are not familiar with the works for Neville, THE NEW MAN is the person that you would like to be, but are not yet. And why you aren’t it yet mostly has to do with not knowing what you want too. First you really need to know what you want in your life, and from that point you can reverse engineer how this person is, how they behave, how the feel, look, smell even.

To give you an example. And this is taken from my own experience, so I know it’s a thing and I also know that it works. If you want to do better financially [KNOW THAT THERE’s A VERSION OF YOU THAT ALREADY IS FINANCIALLY REALLY WELL OFF, THEY LED YOU TO THIS POST … yes it’s true ]

Then you can’t go going around in the supermarket buying the products of the brands that have the lowest price. Price can’t be a factor of decision in the supermarket anymore. None. Say to yourself as soon as you feel yourself getting a bit nervous, been there done that, “It’s ok, more and more money is coming in, this is old conditioning.” And soothe yourself into spending more money on yourself.

That’s a behaviour of THE NEW MAN. Because would you seriously care if you had shitloads of cash? Not a wit. How do you tip? Are you stingy with tipping? Stop being stingy. Are you donating to causes you believe are worth while? All these things you would do as THE NEW MAN, right?

You would definitely dress to impress, most of the times. You would look clean, beautiful or dapper, you would smell really good and hold yourself differently as someone that finds themselves unworthy of having financial abundance.

You would chew different, walk different and behave different. ALL OF IT. And I know, I’m speaking from experience.

So write it down, get familiar with THE NEW MAN. And then read it every day, start to practice and it doesn’t matter AT ALL if you forget, or if you fall off the horse. Just stick with it, it’s like learning a new language, or a new sport. Stick with it and you’ll get the hang of it.

And the winnings are so much more than knowing how to speak the language alone. You have cracked the code of how to bend reality to your will.

Have fun with this and let me know how you go, or ask me any questions on this that I will then answer via my Youtube Channel. Without the mentioning of your name, of course.

Much, much love and have fun with this.


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