Well that you are inside before all hell breaks loose up in the sky. Which literally just happened and which inspired me to write this post. That you meet someone around the time that you have given up any hopes of meeting someone. When you find the perfect ticket price to the perfect place that you have wanted to go to for so long already. It’s when you are sitting in a cafe and overhear people talking about this new place for rent and you happen to be looking for a place. And even when this doesn’t pan out then, YOU KNOW that it’s on the way because this is a sign. It’s not a coincidence, nothing is, everything is part of Your Grander Plan.

Who decides the timing? Well we do, of course how could it be any else? Who creates the weather. Also us. Yes, we’re bound to a frame. We can’t make it snow in the bahamas, but other than that it’s carte blanche.

Perfect timing is when you have allowed yourself to receive that in the time that you receive it. It’s a bit of an interesting one, because the only thing that you could say about anything is that it came in the perfect time. But then again, maybe you’re a person that likes to believe they’re at the effect of life and that some things come way to late, and would had not been nice to have reached this and that then and then.

I would argue that it’s not and that it’s always the perfect time. Because when you think about it, THEN you were another person [you actually literally were] and THEN you wouldn’t have done with this thing what you can do with it now.

And yeah I’m a bit vague, but sorry this stuff is vague at times.

What I’m trying to say here is this: When you are willing to hear You talking to you, then you will experience the perfect timing for anything.

Another example, I have BIG news that I can share with you, as soon as bring the word out to some people that need to hear it first. And I thought, oh goodness. Am I really going to do this NOW? How will I be able to support myself [well I’m not really worrying because I trust myself FULLY, but there is a question mark as to the how ….] and then one of my besties writes me, hey my coach is coaching coaches and to help them set up so and so, I really think it’s something for you too.

She’ll get you to making this amount per month easily she said, and she mentions the amount. And what do you know, it’s exactly the amount of money that I had envisioned for myself, which is 5k a month, doing what I love, what I know and helping other people with it.

Perfect Timing. Yes yes my friends. Perfect Timing. That’s what it is. That’s what I let it be, and that’s what you can let everything be as long as you let it.

See you in the next one.

Much love,


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