Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.

Berlin Magic & New Zealand Magic.

Everything is NOW. That’s something that you have to keep in mind when reading this story. That’s how you can feel how you experienced something before [ deja vu ] or how things can turn out perfectly even if you can’t seem to see any way how.

A week before I decided to move to Berlin, when in Berlin on a quest to see if there were people interested in my vegan lip loves that I recently had launched in Amsterdam, I got a phone call from a couple that had rented my house through AIRBNB that summer. They were looking for a permanent place to stay because they were leaving Spain.

Because I had freshly returned from Australia and was so OPEN to signs from the Universe I knew that this could mean something. At the time I thought it meant go back to Australia, but I learned a week later that it meant move to Berlin. A story for another time, and story that I will for sure share with my soon to be coach-ees.

The day after I had decided to move to Berlin, I had a photoshoot with a woman I “coincidentally” met on a terrace. We got acquainted because I was one whole hour too late for an appointment that I had with a Dutch woman who owned a succesful online Make-Up store with her husband. The woman had already left, but Christel was so sweet to lend me her phone so I could reach out to my appointment because in the meantime also my phone had died.

Oh the divine orchestration of it all….

Me and Christel, had such a great time and exchanged numbers.

-> Let me stop for a second to break this down; I met Christel because my phone had died AND I had been an hour late for my appointment and I needed a phone to reach out to my appointment. I met Christel BECAUSE I had had an appointment, too.

On with the story. The next day Christel reached out to me to ask if I wanted to be in a photoshoot with her. The girl she was supposed to be in a shoot with had gotten sick and she had already arranged for a photographer.

Then the photographer also cancelled and she reached out to me to ask me to postpone the shoot to a day after. We did.

->I remember from that whole process of back and forth with the shoot that I wanted to do the photoshoot so bad and when she cancelled I was disappointed, but I remembered to not stay in that feeling and let it go because that’s how we create the most magical things.

The day we met with Nora, who later became a dear friend, I told them that I had decided to move to Berlin and that I was looking for a place to live. To which Nora said: Ah I know someone! I will share it with you later.

Mind you, just like in other big cities in the world the common consensus is you can’t easily find a place that’s affordable and in a nice area too.

Ps the results of this shoot were stunning, this one was even displayed for a day in the Berliner Ubahns.

So there I had it all at once, people that wanted to rent my place in Amsterdam AND look after my cat Binkie [before I even knew on this earth level that I would be moving, of course everything had already played out on a different level] a place in Berlin to stay and new friends too.

There was of course so much more magic that unfolded and that I have experienced, but I don’t want to make this blogpost into a book.

On to NEW ZEALAND. At the time of writing this I am physically in Berlin, in the house of a close friend that has a wonderful apartment where I can concentrate and write. I have just decided what I will be focusing my upcoming coaching program on and it will be a bit different as I thought at first, I will also make the food program which I talked about before, but first the general one.

I have been wanting to go back to Australia and New Zealand for a longer period time since forever, but because I let my beliefs get in the way I hadn’t made that decision just yet.

Almost 2 years before I had bought the coachings program of a lady who has created a crazy amazing life for herself, and I knew it was time to get inspired again and to work towards my dream again. Part of this coachings-program was daily doing something that would help us move closer to the realisation of our dreams.

I did several things and one of them was becoming a member of a Yoga Teachers In New Zealand group. At one point a member posted a post about looking for Yoga Teachers and I decided to send her a message and forgot about it completely. About 6 months later, she messaged me back – p.s. the fact that I forgot about it to me is that it was divinely inspired and orchestrated and no scheming involved… – and told me that I should befriend her on her personal Facebook account since she hardly checked that account.

I did and another 6 months later, about one month ago, I wrote her a message telling her about my plan, mind you I hadn’t booked anything yet. I said to her that I was planning to come to NZ for about 3 months and if she knew any place that could host me, perhaps trading my Yoga skills for a place to stay.

Before reveal parts of her mind blowing answer, I have to tell you something else.

The situation at the house that I live at hadn’t been so peachy and at one point after the so-manieth fight with the main tenant he wrote me a letter telling me I should move out. I had been planning to do another Yoga teacher training in Goa but I wanted to leave about one month later then I was asked to leave the house.

When I started to think about why Goa I found out that my reason was; For the Money, I know that I can easily support myself in Goa in that time frame with the money I expected to come in, but hadn’t received yet and lucky for me I didn’t because I would’ve used it to book the teacher training which, as later turned out, I wasn’t inspired to do at all.

Me having to leave the house was a big part of my wish taking form earlier, because otherwise I would’ve stayed their longer – which I to be completely honest didn’t want, but I had no idea what I DID want at the time – and after my Goa decision I KNEW it, it would be New Zealand.

I send her a private message to tell her about my plan and she wrote me back this long email, which I won’t disclose in here but what I can share with you is that I was welcome to stay with her for the whole duration of the time!

Oh my goodness, it felt like Berlin all over again! Then I knew I would be super safe because my stay was already covered even without me having booked my ticket yet.

Now, before I leave you with this wonderful message of magic and trust and believing that YOU are worthy to have your cake and eat it too….

I want to share one other “coincidence” that I experienced. I work part time at a Yoga Studio, which really baffled me when I think about how I think about life and how working for a boss is so not my thing. Well through the story about the neckless and what I’m about to tell you, I started to understand why I had to work there.

My new colleague, when I told her about my plan of New Zealand and helped her out with some things to find places to teach, told me about this wonderful guy she met during her travels in Australia. And that she was going to write him to see if he was still there, so if he was there she could introduce me.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I see her again and I asked her about if he had messaged her yet. He didn’t, or so she thought. He did ;-D, and when I in a flash saw his profile picture I thought, hey! I know this guy, I’m already connected to him on Facebook! It was a tip from a friend of a friend to reach out to him and some others which I had done.

We even already wrote each other in May of 2o21… LOL the mysterious ways of our wonderful Universe. And what do you know? He lives in Raglan, one of the places I adore deeply in New Zealand and where I had The very first and super delicious vegan pizza of my life.

How does it get even better than this?!

So my lovelies,

I’m sure that this inspires you to rethink your life too.

Wishing you heaps of love and see you in the next.


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