The Moment Point explained:

First of all you have to understand that our Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs create. This is Conscious Creation 1o1 and I  won’t get into this. It’s what Neville Goddard teaches, Seth by Jane Roberts, Abraham Hicks, Sarah Landon [and the council] and more.

Together with the knowledge of simultaneous time = everything is happening NOW…. This means everything is created from this very moment. Which is now this moment, and now this moment, ad infinitum.

The Moment point, aka NOW, is when we decide how are post looks – which might be hard to understand so for now just go with it, AND our future will look. 

There is never anything else but NOW. And understanding what I told you above, that the future and the past are created from this point you know NOW is extremely important.

Your thoughts at this moment about yesterday, is what recreates yesterday. And same with your thoughts about tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. 

So the only thing you ever need to do is watch your Words, your Thoughts, and manage your emotions at this moment. Since every action terminates the previous action it doesn’t matter what you thought a moment ago, if you manage to feel and think something different now, you cancelled it out. 

This of course goes in both directions. And this knowledge is all you need to create amazing tomorrows and how you create healing in the past. 

Another important implication of the fact that there is only NOW is the fact that there is no cause and effect. Events don’t flow out of each other so the word BECAUSE is always used wrong when you use it to draw a conclusion based on a happening in the past.  

As soon as you hear yourself [or someone else] say because, then instantly be wary. They will or you will give an explanation that doesn’t hold in the light of simultaneous time and it means you can let it go. 

There is only ever a collection of NOW’s strung together.  The linear time camouflage is nothing more than an agreement.

You might already feel that if there is only NOW, that you are never trapped by events anymore. And what you need to do is create amnesia on purpose because if you don’t remember something [which you judge as bad] happening then you can not create more of it and the consequences [that you believe come from it] from it. 

The only thing that creates consequences, is your believe in consequences which are based on a believe in linear time and cause and effect. 

OF course the logical question is, but how is an appointment that is scheduled a week from now possible?!

And my answer is, I will get back to you in a bit about this and I will give you some examples of how you can use this moment point information to your advantage.

See you in the next.

With Love,


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