Your TRUE power lies in realising that you create the symbols. The symbols are not randomly thrust upon you.

What are symbols? Everything that is tangible in your reality is a symbol and comes from you. From the quality of the clothes you wear, to the coffee cup you drink your coffee from, to the money in your bank account, to the tip of your nose. No joke.

Let me explain this with regards to money, it’s what most people tend to understand the easiest.
You have a job, or you’re a freelancer and you get paid for the work you deliver.This is true in linear time life. But life isn’t linear everything is simultaneous and the things you see and experience came into being through you.
You don’t need to understand this, you just have to accept it. 

So now how to use this knowledge to your advantage?
First realise, FEEL the truth of this: The money that you have is there because you’re open to having money. 
The avenue through which it comes, either the freelance gigs, the gifts, the lotteries etc are the bridge of incidents of how the money finds you in Physical reality.

If one of these jobs, gigs falls away the first reaction is usually; Shit, how will my money come to me now?And that, my love, is upside down thinking.Realise that at that moment you’re giving your power away to Symbols. And that’s cool, just stop it as soon as you realise it and then say to yourself and FEEL it: I don’t know how, but the money will find its way to me. Affirm as long as you need to to feel the RELIEF and you feel relaxed and powerful again.

That’s all. Trust me. You are at the center of YOUR Universe. Life is a Game, and you are starting to understand the rules of this game and how to manipulate these rules in a way that serves your abundance, health and enjoyment of life in a positive way.

That is all.

Read this through a couple of times and start playing with it, start to acknowledge everything as a symbol and find out about you.

See you in the next.

Much love!


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