Have you ever considered that manifesting could be this easy? We use breath to manifest our spirit into the flesh. We use breath to sustain our life on earth so then it makes sense that we use our breath to materialise other things too.

One of my Breath Work teachers learns with a man called Alan Dolan who has created an app called Breath Guru. It is a free app and he explains in this app how you can do his teachings on your own. And because he teaches a gentle form of breathing as opposed to the holotropic extremely agitating one that has to have a time and a place in your life too, it is safe to do it by yourself.

The other one, I would always do with an experienced guide present, because you tend to go to very interesting places …. I can tell you from experience.

Breath Follows The Mind. And The Mind Is Where All Creation Starts.


From this follows, too, that if you have thoughts that are off, these thoughts are supported by your breath and your breath is probably shallow and agitates your body without you knowing it. When you take conscious control of your breath you calm down your body [which is also considered the subconscious mind] and consequently you support the process of changing your thoughts into ones that are supportive of your dreams…

Conscious Creation is not difficult at all, we tend to make it difficult because we want to see a result the instant we have decided we want to create something, and that is what makes it difficult. The only thing that is required in Conscious Creation is a clear intention, the knowing that you have the power to create this with stating it, feeling worthy of it and letting the Co-Creator take care of the rest.

You’ve already done this a million times for yourself without knowing it. Everything in your life that you like and don’t like is a creation, a manifestation.

Now that you remember more and more of this truth, you can use your knowledge deliberately.

For your next creation session, whether you focus on scripting, visualisation or speaking it into existence, focus on your breath too and imagine with every inhale you breathe life into your desire, and with every exhale you let go of your worries of it not manifesting.

And Remember:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

– Marianne Williamson

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