A Deeper Understanding of What it means to be Alignment

Hey everyone, so I want to share 3 little stories this with you that will demonstrate alignment in action. I will first go into some of the examples and then I’ll tell you what the work is that you can do if you would like to experience more flow in your life.

Story 1: My first House in Auckland

I was looking for a place to stay in Auckland New Zealand and I hadn’t looked for anything yet. I didn’t want to go through Airbnb for a number of reasons so I decided to make a post in Yoga Teachers in New Zealand asking for a short term stay.

Two ladies responded. One place was in CBD Auckland the other in Northshore Auckland. I had a call with one of the girls in CBD first. And I didn’t have a good feeling when I spoke to the girl and saw the place. She was very nice, the place however felt unhappy and not my thing.

The other place was a 2 minute walk from the beach and looked extremely beautiful, it would be the room of her son and there was another couple from India staying at their place too. One of the ideas I had was: This might be outside of my budget. I told the owner it was beautiful I asked her for the price and even though I was a bit fearful to “show all of my cards, because it might be used against me” I decided to tell her I was in before she mentioned the price.

The price turned out to be lower than the CBD one, great! and what else happened was this. A couple of days before I would arrive the lady messages me telling me the Indian couple had found another long term stay, and my room had changed into another one, the price stayed the same.

I arrive and what do you know, the perfect room for me. I would have been ok staying in her sons room too, I have standards for sure, and I’m just going with whatever I manifest because it gives me information about where I am at Worthiness wise.

What did I do actively for this? Nothing else but choosing to write this post in the Yoga Teachers NZ group, which I didn’t want to at first. Why? I had a fear of being ignored. This is actually a hint for you too, I have noticed that whenever there is a resistance, a feeling of fear it’s where the gold is hidden …

Story 2: The Trip to Devon Port 

One of my first days here at North shore I was sitting at a cafe called Scout enjoying a cup of delicious oat milk coffee 

  • by the way, they understand what it means to make coffee down here without all that latte art nonsense and awful tasting oatmilk that only functions as a canvas …-   a very lovely man started talking to me and tells me that I should go visit Devonport, how he’s from there and that it’s lovely.

It stayed in the back of my mind, but I didn’t really do anything with it. A couple of days later on a Thursday Alyse, a good friend of the woman of the house comes over to conduct a workshop. Alyse is a Shaman and she’s a wonderful Chinese lady. The workshop starts at Friday, Saturday is a break day and Sunday is the last day.

On Friday eve I’m having diner with the man of the house Cameron and Alyse and I’m thinking to myself…. Hmmm I would like to do something fun tomorrow and start to feel this pang of fear that I don’t have social network in New Zealand yet so it probably won’t be much fun. Immediately I stop the thought and say to myself, no. Tomorrow is tomorrow and it will be a lovely day and I leave it at that.

I am kind of snoozing in my bed in the morning and think to myself;  When shall I go to Devon Port?  I hear Alyse sneeze and I take it as a cue to get out of bed. Good morning Alyse! I say. Good morning Monique! Alyse answers, and she continues to say; Hey, would you like to go explore Devon Port today?


Story 3: The Platform for Coaches

Before I left for New Zealand I stayed at one of my best friends in here beautiful and amazingly impressive farm house. She had been remodelling her house with her husband for ages and now it was close to be finished. Since I had been hardly in Holland, and when I was I was always on the run to go somewhere, I hadn’t taken the time yet to see her house. Since I was planning to go to New Zealand for an indefinite time I promised her to come and stay for a night or two.

And so it happened we were in the car to Marieke’s Saturday running club thingy and she had promised to ride share with this girl Stacey. She didn’t really feel like picking Stacey up at first, but she thought to herself there must be a reason I need to pick her up so I’ll just go with it. We are on the road and Stacey and me started to chat.

Turns out Stacey has started her platform that brings together Spiritual Life Coaches and clients looking for something that goes beyond logic. A couple of weeks later Stacey offers me a three month trial on her platform. Perfect.


Moral of these three stories. I have set up the probability of these events by what I am looking to experience. I am drawing them into my life through my going with the flow, the listening to my intuition and the not-caving in to fear.

Fear is never real, there’s always something else behind it AND it’s an opportunity to affirm something that’s the opposite of this fear. 

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