Hey everyone, so you want to know what is the secret for growing your hair longer, thicker and healthier? Well, it’s your lucky day.

I have created it for myself after for the seemingly longest time creating short, brittle and thinnish hair I finally decided it was enough! And I was going to put my money where my mouth is: BELIEVING IS SEEING.

Seth, Neville, Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn, Louise Berlay and many more all teach we create by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. And still I was buying into the “fact” that my hair wasn’t growing and I would find all types of reasons for as to the why behind it. And why did I find these reasons, because I was believing them and thus finding them.

We attract what we vibe with, so when we want to change our experience, we have to vibe with something different.

So when I said ENOUGH! The journey started and now I’m at a point where my hair is the longest it has been since the last 11 [if not longer!] years. You can check my older Youtube video’s to see what I mean. And you can see from the picture that I posted on my Instagram in this post that my hair has finally started growing again.

What did I do? I got angry and I was determined to stop buying into the BS that my hair wasn’t growing, I stopped giving my power away to linear time – EVERYTHING IS NOW – and on a physical level I started to feel drawn to and taking / eating things that are said to be beneficial for stronger hair like Spirulina, yeast tablets and such which I by the way have stopped taking for a while already because I didn’t feel drawn to them anymore.

Most importantly though, I believed it was possible for me to experience longer hair again. And that is seriously all I did.

So when you’re in the same boat, first of all find out what you have been thinking up until now about your hair and start telling yourself a different story. Also see yourself with longer and healthier and thicker hair if that is your wish and know with all your heart that it is done.

Whenever you see broken hairs, which was my story that it would break before it would grow, know that this is a happening AFTER THE FACT the first act is the thought energy before it can become anything else, and know that there is no cause and effect so even though you see a broken hair, it doesn’t mean your hair is shorter. It just means that you see a broken hair because you expected to see a broken hair.

Time is simultaneous so the you with long, strong and healthy hair is just as much here and now as the other version of you is. Choose the version wisely.

That’s it for now, see you in the next.

With so much love!


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