Hey Hey, so nice to see you here again. In this post you’re going to learn the number one secret to become the BEST at manifesting.

To be good at anything in life you need to understand what it is what you’re doing. To be good at being YOU you need to understand you.

To be good at playing football, you need to understand the rules and the how. To be good at Yoga Asana you need to understand your body, know the Asanas and how to perform them.

So to be good at manifesting you need to first of all know What Is Manifesting?

Well… It is a bit different from what a lot of people out there claim that it is. They make it sound like [ and some of them believe that it is this way too … amateurs lol ] that it is something you do actively to create a thing or a result. This is however only partial accurate.

Manifesting is built in, it’s how your life shows up by default. You are manifesting all day everyday in physical form and outside of physical form. Meaning; it is how anything is created that is created.

The question becomes thus; How am I control of what I manifest, and not how do I manifest, because you are already doing it. Right now a part of you had the conscious or unconscious question that you wanted to understand this so you manifested this article that you are now reading.

We are in a co-creation. You had the wish for the information I felt the inspiration to write this post.

In order to control your manifestations, you need to know how they come into being.

They come into being through your thoughts and emotions. These two powerhouses in combination create neural pathways in your brain, they create a dominant vibration in your body AND THAT is how things are manifested.

While it is possible to manifest something really specifically, you can also go for stating something specific and saying “or something better”. So that you give THAT what is co-creating reality with you = ALL THAT IS / THE UNIVERSE to bring you something that is even more amazing.

The one that is creating with us is our Inner Self, and our Higher Self. The Higher Self has the overview like someone that’s standing at the top of a mountain and we are down in the valley. The Inner Self creates our world automatically through how we have formed our Inner Self. And this Inner Self changes at every moment based on how we form it.

There is more involved, atoms and energy units, but thats beyond the scope of this post and that I might get into at another point.

What is important to take away is that you are always manifesting something. You can not not-manifest. Take control over your life, your reality and your creations by first of all knowing what you think about and feel about and then actively changing this so that you can change your life experience.

That’s it my lovely readers.

I see you in the next.

With So Much Love,


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