In 2013 I decided that I wanted to do life in a different way. I decided that I wanted to only do what I love and be on an adventure for the rest of my life. I went to Australia and when I returned things changed drastically…

At the moment of writing this I am in Auckland New Zealand. I’m typing this in a cafe called Mimosa which is in a beautiful part of Auckland Takapuna. I just left another cafe that I will return to for their food and atmosphere but not for their coffee; Street Organics.

I’m now 9 years further down the path and I can say that I finally understand how this stuff works. And put in a nutshell it’s all about unlearning and unremembering the things that society tells us is true and starting to live from another belief system.

It’s also about understanding that nobody can give us anything but us. It starts with us. We have to understand ourselves, we have to know who we are, know what we think and why we think what we think.

I won’t go into much of the details here and now, I will however tell you the story and you can draw conclusions for yourself.

So the reason you are here is that you’re curious I can sustain myself following the light and doing what I love?

First of all let’s define what it is that I love:

  • I love traveling and exploring, throwing myself of metaphorical cliff without seeing a safety net,
  • I love writing, Yoga, dancing, exercising,
  • I love discovering new cafe’s and enjoying a coffee while writing a blog post, helping others live their dreams,
  • Inspiring and instilling trust in others through living by example,
  • I love being creative with my Instagram posts,
  • I love staring into the ocean, nature walks, laughing with others, flirting, kissing,
  • I love watching inspiring Youtubes, Netflix,
  • Being part of a community that is on board with this new way of living = NO idea how things are going to come together, just trusting that they will come together because something bigger is in charge of that AND the only way this can work is when we are being vessels and conduits of light.

I know, this last light vessel thingy sounds pretty woo woo, it’s a great thing I love woo woo 😀

There’s a way you might understand this better in non-woo woo terms; Imagine gardenhose, if the hose is twisted, the water doesn’t flow through correctly, and when the water doesn’t flow through correctly the gardenhose can’t properly do what it came here on earth to do ;-D which is water the plants abundantly. Water comes out yes, but not as freely as it could, and it will not reach as far either.

When We are in a kink, when we hamper our energy from flowing through unhampered, we create haphazardly. How do we hamper our energy. Well it begins with your thoughts, which create your emotions which creates a vibe, a state of being…. When we are clear, and centered, joyful and doing what we feel called to do even if we can’t see how this will support us in any way whatsoever, that what arranges life can do it’s work.

Now over to some concrete happenings, with a bit of a back story.

In 2015, after my Australia trip and having been back in Amsterdam for about 9 months, I decided to go all in and focus on my vegan lip balm brand as some of you might know. I moved to Berlin without having any idea how on earth I would be able to sustain myself and I did, very well so. There was only one thing, I wasn’t able to save up money and I wasn’t able to grow my financial funds past a certain amount. I knew through what I had been learning through my teachers that it was ME in the way of this, I just couldn’t see how I would be able to go past this…

Until very recently.

Before I left Berlin I had been able to 6-fold my financial setpoint. It was embarrassingly low before. BUT. AND. I was still able to sustain myself and lead a good life. I did all the things that I wanted to do.

At one point thought I got really angry and said to myself; When on earth did you decide that it is ok to live like this! I am surviving here, not thriving at all! This was towards the end of the Covid pandemic. I can here you make up all the reasons why I wasn’t able to thrive, and I ask you to suspend judgement, because this is not how our life works.

Shortly after better paying gigs started to get in and I had more financial band width. And this could be because I made a decision that it was going to be different. I decided that it was NOT OK to be in survival mode financially, and all the while I kept doing the inner work, I kept learning, I kept sharing my successes and ephinany’s and the magic that I would co-create.

In a recent coaching call one of my coaches, that had lost it all before she started living her purpose, told the story how she loves Buckminster Fuller and how this quote changed her life:

” You can rest assured that if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, the Universe will support you, always and only in the nick of time.

But, she decided at one point for herself that the nick of time wasn’t going to be her reality anymore AND also that she was going to create financial ease meaning more than enough financial abundance.

And this caught my attention because this is exactly how I had been creating before I made the decision that how I was living was not acceptable anymore. There was one particular time when I had let myself come so far that I had created having zero money in my bank account, 5 EUR in my wallet and no idea how I would be able to get myself out of this pickle.

The very day things came to the most horrible point and I had been in panic right up until that point, I had a meeting with a potential client in a cafe and they out of the blue told me they wanted to invest 5k into what I was doing at the time. Holy Sh. I was over the moon and pissed off at the same time, and I decided then and there I would not let it come this far ever again.

So this story happened before Covid had entered our reality.

Back to now. I am in New Zealand, I am not allowed to work here which I won’t, BUT I am allowed to work online for my own business -> coaching. Which is how I decided that I would make a living while being here.

I had my first client before I left to NZ and the weekend after she “graduated” another client entered my reality. I have to be honest I had been worried when another client would join my program, because I had said my mind to being able to make an abundant living like this, until I realised I was not living the teachings.

It didn’t feel joyful anymore at all, it felt like forcing an efforting. And that is in direct opposition of the 1. the teachings, and 2. what I love to do. The moment I dropped that, one of my dream clients flowed in like magic. But that’s a story for another time.

About 2 weeks later of her joining, and me living the teachings of my coach; “Follow the light, do what you love without any attachment to the outcome” and part of the quote of ‘Bucky’; “if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others” even more and deeper I was sitting in a cafe, having fun creating an Instagram Reel and an email comes in… and what was interesting, I see the email. How is that interesting? Well I created a rule for this person that any emails from them go directly into an inbox, we didn’t have the best relationship before so to say.

In any case, the email explains about the money that this person still owes me, I had already said goodbye to this money, and when he will transfer this to me.

WHAT THE … haha. Ok…

Then, a couple of days later, Saturday which was two days ago, it was raining cats and dogs. I decided to treat myself to lunch in Devonport at Correllis and even though I was a bit fearful spending that much money without having “made” any money recently I went for it anyway. After that I went into Auckland CBD to find a jacket. I “had” to. The weather is interesting at the moment and while I didn’t really feel too good about it, because I have so many clothes in Europe and I have already given away so many clothes and now I would be adding to it again … I knew I had to. For more reasons than the weather.

It was a message of feeling the ease, the abundance, the joy it brings me to wear something new that is perfectly for me. I took the ferry from Devonport to CBD, yes in the pooring rain, and I was having the time of my life. I was so happy I didn’t let the rain stop me. I walked into the first store and found the perfect jacket/dress/blouse.

It was the right price, and perfectly for what I wanted. It wasn’t too warm, the fabric and colour beautiful, it was classy, stylish and just perfect. After I went home and felt fulfilled and happy. I greeted everyone – I live in a wonderful house with an Italian family and a few other people – to message a couple of important people.

All of sudden one of them sends me a message asking if I had checked my bank account recently. I said I hadn’t. “Well check it.” They said. They transferred money to me. And not a little amount either.

What the?! Holy …

What does all of this mean? Well, most importantly it means I have changed my financial setpoint. Dr. Maxwell Maltz calls this our cybernetic system in his amazing book Psycho Cybernetics.

Without me feeling like being in a financial pickle, I had created extra money again.

If you can read in between the lines you know how I have been able to create this, but I’ll give it to you in an nutshell:

Deciding to change my financial set point, not following the rules of mainstream society, following my joy, doing the inner work with falling deeper and deeper into trust that this stuff works as my heroes and coach promise that this stuff works, working actively on keeping my vibration high by allowing myself to do what I want to do at any point in time and sharing my experiences and learnings with everyone else that needs to read / hear this.

That’s all Folks.

Before I leave you, if you feel the call to go beyond what mainstream society teaches, and the idea of following the light, lights you up too ….There are three things that you can do actively. The first two are me assisting you, the second two you doing it by yourself.

  1. Join my Free Webinar on the 13th of October by signing up on this page.
  2. Contact me to book a discovery call to join my program: Hello Freedom, Goodbye Fear. In this program I will take you through all the processes I took myself and that I learned from my teachers and coaches,
  3. Read Psycho Cybernetics, the Seth material, Neville Goddard, watch Abraham Hicks videos, follow your intuition and guidance to teachings that resonate with you,
  4. Watch this video of a nurse having a near death experience and being shown the meaning of life.

With lots of light and love,


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