Hey you, lovely to see you back or maybe you’re here for the first time. It is the 26th of December in the year 2o22 – based on linear timeline so we know what we’re talking about. ;-D and I won’t be writing until the end of January approximately.

I am immersing myself into Yoga, Ashtanga to be exact and I’ll be following a workshop here in New Zealand with an amazing teacher called Peter Sanson. Patrons and coachees will be able to reach me, anyone else will see me and read me when I’m back from my immersion.

Jumping timelines, one of my favourite subjects! It is really very easy and this is why it is possible; If everything is simultaneous it means you can jump tracks, you don’t have to do stuff endlessly before you move from a to b.

So how do you do it? First of all you have to know who it is you’re stepping into. How is this version of you? What is their normal and your ‘hard’, do the thing that is normal for them and doable but not yet easy for you, stick with it and you have successfully jumped timelines.

A view examples from my own life, a previous version and the current version.

A previous version of me was smoking and drinking [this is actually before this version of me knew about simultaneous time and timeline jumping] and she stopped both of it. I hear Bashar speak about this years ago in this excellent interview; the version of me that stopped smoking was actually never the one that smoked, and then I kinda sorta didn’t know the time line thing yet, though I could have haha.

Another example:

A previous version of me was stiff as a plank and wanted to be able to do splits, through a series of nudges from future selfs she started yoga and now this version of me can do splits without even warming up really. This was a wish when I saw a girl do this on tv [yep that ‘long ago’] and now it is a reality for me.

Another example:

A previous recent version of me that understood jumping timelines started to wake up at the crack of dawn and doing intense Yoga daily, which was kinda sorta hard in the beginning and now it’s not a problem and I upped my game to add cold showers first thing in the morning and some other things.

Now what has happened? My relationships and my environment changed drastically. The relationships into the ones that I had been wanting for so long; inspiring, fun, sexy, mutual, respectful, all the good stuff. My environment; I’m living in New Zealand at the moment with ocean, beautiful nature, space, and all the other good stuff. So I don’t need to explain much more right? ;-D

If you want to move “quicker” to a different version of you then go explore who your future version is. If you want any help with this stuff, you know I have a coaching program right?

I’d be happy to guide you.

This video from my Youtube channel is kind of sort of same same but different.

See you in a couple of weeks or in my program or on my Patreon.

With so much love!


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