What you focus on expands and it is as simple as reacting to something that has just happened.

I’ll give you an example about my morning this morning and my morning a couple of “days” ago. Please keep reminding yourself of the simultaneity of time, because it will assist you in loosening things up, not take any event “seriously” and consequently changing it easily too.

So this morning when I entered the cafe that I always come to in the new place that I visit daily to go through my morning routing of writing, reading, vibing high and drinking my delicious tea to start the rest of my day, the girls were talking to each other and I felt that they were talking about me and not in a nice way.

I paused and said to myself: I’m not letting anyone or anything let me leave my heaven on earth. Shortly after one of the girls that I judge as not being mean – that I have written the script for of being grounded and lovely, came up to help me even though there was already a girl helping someone else. 

What can I get you today Monique, she asked. I thought, huh, interesting. Then I did this with the happening; The girls are jealous. Because I am their day in day out enjoying my life, doing what I want to do whenever I want to do it. This was the most logical thing I could come up with and I could also change it to, which I will; I inspire them and they are wondering how it is that I can live my life like this, and be happy and feel and look free and amazing.

A couple of days ago I’ve been greeted as royalty, I’m not kidding you. It was very interesting and lovely to experience.

So what has happened in the mean time. Well, my focus is getting stronger, my focus on the now moment and my awareness, so this coming up means that there is old subconscious gunk that is being cleared out through the reflections in my reality. That is all, I’m not attached to them and I see them for what they are, old.

Most important thing is that I don’t let anyone cause me to leave my heaven on earth, and that I don’t deny love for myself at any moment. Even if I have created someone as being judgy or mean. I am playing this game of life in my bubble for me. And I deserve to have amazing loving moments, all day everyday.

And that’s seriously how simple it is.

I’ll give you one more example of how I created a bunch of amazing friends in Auckland after everyone had kept telling me how difficult it was to meet new people. At first I actually did focus on that, on not having my dear friends around me and I felt a bit lonely.

Until I understood what I was doing and I took up Yoga again, I had been a bit over it since I had been teaching SO much in Berlin before I came to New Zealand. From that moment, everything opened up again and I created a wonderful clique of amazing women that seriously feel like they will be in my life for the rest of days.

How? By letting the story of it is hard to meet people go, by focusing on me and following my bliss.

I’m confident that this helps you somehow, and I wish you a beautiful Christmas and I will see you in the next. 

With so much love,


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