This is so simple, and you might get angry with yourself when you get it, but it’s better that you laugh because you know what you get from getting angry ;-D

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You know it is done when you feel the feeling, the manifestation is not the thing, that is the result of the manifestation, the manifestation is: THE FEELING OF HAVING IT.

Anyone who follows Neville, Seth, Abraham Hicks and the likes knows that everything is first non-physical before it is materialised in something that the senses can experience.

From that follows that a manifestation is not the thing, but it is the feeling. And that’s why Neville hammers on about Feeling Is the Secret and Living in the End. That’s why Abraham says: Don’t like it like it is, tell it like how you want it to be, and that’s why Seth tells us to Imagine once a day for about 5 minutes but no longer than 1o [ because you might fall into the trap for looking for it if you give it too much importance] what it is that you would like to experience instead of your current experience.

From that follows that whenever you have caught the feeling and you feel yourself to be in that State that you have done it. You did it, YOU ARE THERE, YOU HAVE DONE IT!

Now where most of us go wrong – and believe me been there done that wrote enough posts about it and who knows there might be a movie …. – is that once we have DONE IT, we’re like yeah but where is it!?

Which brings you back to square one.

This is like: You order a pizza at a restaurant, you eat the pizza, your plate is full with crusts and you almost fall asleep from all the carbs, the sugar and the fat, the waiter comes by and asks if you enjoyed everything and you start to doubt if you actually had a pizza, the crusts are there, you feel full but you’re not so sure if you really had one and you order another one and the process starts again.

This is what you are doing, but you didn’t see it that way up until now, you’re welcome.

Stay in State a wise lady once told me when I had an extremely cool success with a manifestation, which I didn’t with all the consequences that came with that lol. Good thing is, I know why I went through all of that crap, or let’s say I know why I remember a version of me going through all of that crap, so this version can enjoy her power fully, her amazing life and manifestations fully and create more amazingness then she ever thought possible for herself.

A valid question is: but when will I experience it!? I want it now! And I have this for you:
– You can feel it entering your reality when you stop looking for it and you are in the State of the wish fulfilled most of the time without needing it to show up, because you have accepted the 3D as a shadow and your Imagination as the real reality

The technical answer is, which comes from Seth; When it has reached Bulk. Which means this: imagine everytime you imagine you put a grain of sand in a glass cup, you have reached bulk when the glass is full with grains of sand.

And again, it will only come whenever you have changed into the person that has it, and the person that has it isn’t looking for it, they aren’t. That person is living their life and focusing on other things.

I believe it was in The Secret [the movie, if you don’t know it get out form under that rock and check it out] someone said The David you’re carving [Michelangelo] is you. I say David didn’t appear with one blow of the hammer on the chisle either.

You will get it, that thing, those things and experiences. I know you will. How do I know this? Because you are here, reading this and apparently ready for the next step.

Do me and your current and future self a favour, read this over and over again, listen to this Youtube and this Youtube.

I wish for you the most beautiful things in this world, because you are worth it and it is so much fun living your life having it all!

With so much love,


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