You will act consistently with how you view yourself to be.

Neville says the State creates, Seth says at each moment you decide; Which You and Which World. Ralph Waldo Emerson says: You become what you think about all day,  Buddha says; The mind is everything, what you think you become and finally dr Maxwell Maltz the author of Psycho Cybernetics  says; The Self Image is the key to human personality and human behaviour.

Nothing that you haven’t heard before. Then how come you are still reading this post or listening to this audio? It is because you are looking for the formula how to get that what you believe you are separate from. And I get it, I also have things that are not yet in my 3D experience, so there is no judgement, there is only love. 

In this article I will give you what is working wonders for me and I will explain the idea behind it.

You will act consistently with how you view yourself to be.

Key words; ACT & How You View Yourself to be

Let’s start with Act;

Acting, is doing, and to that doing belongs thought too. How is that? Thought is what what precedes any physical form. A thought combined with emotion sends out electromagnetic energy units that clump together with other ee-units that are similar and eventually they will have reached a certain mass and then they can pop into the 3D as an event or an object.

Your Actions are directly linked to the personality you are choosing to be, your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs are a finished package and these together are your Self Image.

How You View Yourself To Be. 

It is not a truth, it is your viewpoint at this point in time. Since the State Creates, you will have everything in your 3D reflect back to you that you are correct in thinking what you think and that you are correct in acting how you act.

But what you might not have realised that deeply up until now is that all of this can be changed. 

You can change your Self Image, and with that change automatically comes a change in thought and behaviour. The different Self Image has different beliefs, it even has a different past and of course a different future.

Normally you might come at it from the imagination angle, the affirming angle, the visualisation angle, meditation, all the stuff that happens inside.

I am telling you that you can also come at it from another angle, and that is from the behaviour angle.

What you need for this is first you need to get to know that other version. You are viewing a different version of you and you will figure out what she is doing differently that you are doing now.

I will give you some pointers and I recommend that you will do at least these 3 things and I recommend that you go up until 5 of these that are easy for your future version but are difficult for the version that you are now;

  • No social media for a month. How does this help? Social Media tends to get you out of a centered State and it also scatters your attention. If you would like to experience something different, you need Focus and determination.
  • Start your day with a 3 to 5 minute cold shower [if this is physically possible for you, check online to see the prerequisites for this] How does this help? It creates physical and mental fitness, thus it helps you to Focus on what it is you want to create.
  • Workout every day for a month, do intenser trainings 4 to 5 days a week, the other days you can choose some light walking. How does this help? A fit body harbours a fit mind. In addition it will make you proud of yourself, and when you are proud of yourself you carry yourself differently then someone that beliefs they are not really worthy of anything.
  • An 11 minute future imagination session daily and add lots of emotion to it. How does this help? The intenser the emotions, the sooner your desire will materialise.
  • Mirrorwork; Whenever you look into a mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself, that you love yourself and that you are IN LOVE with yourself. How does this help? You get to look into your own beautiful eyes and support yourself in a very intimate and special way.
  • Remind yourself daily of the nature of reality. I have different phrases that I read daily that keep my focus in check. How does this help? Well, how do you think ;-D

Then another important thing is acquaint yourself with that other version of you and write down affirmations that suit to that version like;







Read these once in the morning when you get up and once in the evening when you go to bed.

These are my Million Dollar Tips my dear peeps. Have fun with it! And send it through to anyone that can benefit from this.

Much love,


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