Hey hey people another transcript of an amazing Bashar transmission and some notes from me.

Bashar speaks of the significance to allow yourself to be ALL of you an to accept that you can not do it alone, you need to let your Higher Mind [ Seth calls this Inner Self, Abraham calls this Inner Being] take over as soon as you have done your part.

Bashar explains how when you are seeing both options on the thing that Abraham hicks calls the stick, the two ends of the stick, you are in the middle, and it’s when you can use the power of that paradoxical stance. In other videos he says how we don’t live in a duality but in a trinity, the 3rd point being the one in the middle. 

He speaks about how everything is already here and now and you need to change yourself in order to experience it. He speaks about surrendering, letting go and trusting.

In a nutshell. The definition of the motivational mechanism I added at the bottom and if you’re curious how it works in the non-physical, Seth has an amazing explanation on that and if you want then I can make a separate post on that, just let me know in the comments.

For now, enjoy this once again amazing transmission. With much love, Monique

One of the things we will also be discussing in this segment is the whole concept of in a sense what you call manifestation.

Now let us provide you a slightly different idea and understanding of the concept of manifestation.

Because many of you when you think about the idea of attempting to manifest something, bring it into your reality, make it appear, solidly it, crystallise it, make it experiential, are coming from a point of view, also definitionally and belief system related that it’s something that DOES not exist in your reality that you are attracting into, or bringing into your reality.

That somehow it is ephemeral and non-physical and you have to somehow MAKE it solid, make it appear, Make it real. That is not the case. 

What it is, that is representative of your preference and what you call your desire, to manifest, already exists in your reality, it is already manifest. 

The idea of manifestation is not bringing something that doesn’t exist into existence, or attracting something over there and bringing it over here.

The idea is that what you desire to manifest is already here. Already existent, already real. Manifestation is the process of giving Your Self the ability to REALISE to perceive that it is already here. 

You do not have to do any magical thing to make it into existence. It is already existent, it is already within your sphere of reality, it is just that your belief system makes it invisible to you. So manifestation is not the process of actually conjuring something out of nothing, it is the process of making the invisible visible.

And that simply requires an alteration of perception, that’s all it takes. So we’re going to be talking about that idea as well and let us begin right there. The idea of one of the mechanisms of manifestation that allows the invisible to become visible is something that uses the power of paradox very strongly.

We often talk about the idea of paradox as the recognition that you are in a very powerful place, right in the centre of your power. Because what to you may seem paradoxical, what to you may seem contradictory, two opposing ideas that cannot necessarily seem to co-exist but do co-exist tells you right then and there that there must be a middle ground from which they both come and that middle ground, that balance point is your place of power from which you have generated the apparently paradoxical and apparently contradictory concepts.

But because you can perceive them both tells you, it tells you, that just the perception of those things alone tells you that you are actually in the centre of those things. That they come from the centre of your being and that you’re simply seeing reflections of the polarity, expressions of the polarity of creation. But polarity within you combined and interacts in a very specific way to generate your true perfect place of balance and perfect place of power.

So when you see paradox, rejoice, because it is telling you that you are right at the centre of your creative self, and have the ability to thus then manifest and transform and make the invisible visible very quickly. Let us explain a little bit more clearly about the idea of the paradoxical nature of the mechanism of manifestation.

Many of you have been taught to think about manifestation as an issue of intention an as an issue of focus. As an issue of concentration, and in a sense this is accurate. However a very important point is often left out or at the very least sometimes this point is spoken of independently and so no connection is made to the idea as a whole concept. The two seemingly paradoxical issues here are intention, focus and concentration and conversely on the other side what you have often heard on many metaphysical and new age source the idea of surrender and letting go.

These two thins are not diametrically opposing, they are not mutually exclusive. They work together in a whole mechanism. In other words, the secret, one direction of the paradoxical mechanism is the idea of intention focus and concentration, and then after that has been done letting go and surrendering and letting the intention, focus and concentration do its job on higher levels.

Working these two things, linking these two things together gives you the entire mechanism of manifestation or at least one direction of the energy. We will discuss the other direction in a moment. But first let us again amplify this concept. And again connects this notion to the 15 minute time-span in the following way;

Any time that you have a desire or a preference for a manifestation, the idea yes in a sense that it must be representative of your passion it must become your world, the intention the focus in a sense the concentration is there if that is representative of your passion, because when something is representative of your passion your automatically focused on it. You automatically intend it, you’re automatically concentrating all of your attention on that idea, because that’s what passion does.

If you are passionate about something there is no other choice. There is no other consideration, all other things fall by the wayside, that is a true description of the idea that being in your passion there simply is no other choice. So there is automatic focus, automatic intention. If then in what you call a peaceful state or a meditative state or a focused state you allow yourself to image, that passionate idea that manifestation that is desired and feel it and build that energy up, in your energy in your emotions in your passion, build that energy to a peak over the course of simply 15 minutes and no longer sometimes even less when you get provisioned at it you don’t always need all 15 minutes but 15 minutes at the most is all that is necessary for you to activate the idea of the wheels of the gears than put it in motion with regard to the idea of allowing the invisible to become visible but when you do that, when you build it to a peak, over the course of a few minutes or 15 the next step is to completely and utterly let it go.

Forget about it, stop caring about it, surrender it utterly to the higher self, let the higher self now do the job. You see, physical reality while apparently complicated is actually not extremely complex. In a sense it is build actually on very simple principles and you don’t actually have to do very much to get the ball rolling. So, because your physical mind as we have said a few times is not designed to understand how things are going to happen and how things are going to manifest, the how is the purview of the higher mind and because the physical mind does not actually have the capacity, the capability to understand, it is not designed to understand how that’s going to happen all it needs to do is flip the switch and let the higher mind do the how, do the things that are necessary to cause the synchronicities in your life that need to be there and the downloads and the inspiration to come to you to allow the invisible to become visible. To allow the manifestation to occur. So all you need to do, is do it a little bit, for no longer than 15 minutes, bring that up to a full peak of passion, a full peak of imagination, a full peak of visualisation, however it is you wish to do it, with that intensity, that concentration and that focus and then utterly, utterly, utterly let it go.

Now. We understand again that because of certain negative beliefs many of you find it difficult to actually let it go but that is very important because without the Letting GO side you don’t actually have the whole mechanism engaged.

It is important to understand that the intensity, focus and concentration must be paired with the surrendering and the letting go to actually have the whole mechanism of manifestation. This is using the power of paradox built in to this idea. To this process, to this permission slip. Letting go means you really know, you really know, you really know that the higher mind is doing it’s job and you can now relax. The physical mind can relax. It doesn’t need to do anything else, it is not required nor is it capable of doing anything else. So really, really, really, when you know this you can allow your mind, your physical mind to just let it go, knowing it is in good hands, in a sense and get on about your day, focusing on the nest most exciting thing you are capable of taking action on.

At the same time again you must be clear as we already said about your motivation to ensure that what it is that you are focusing on, what it is that you are surrendering to is truly representative of your highest passion instead of something that is simply being labeled as such to actually act as an avoidance to what your highest passion actually could be. This is where you really have to be clear about the idea what beliefs you are dealing with. Because many of you often fool yourselves and trick yourselves through the negative belief system in the thinking that you’re acting on your excitement when in fact you’re actually acting on your anxiety and covering it up because you are afraid to actually look at the idea of what it is that actually does excite you because of all the negative beliefs that you have attached to it. 

So clearing out your motivational mechanism* and finding out what beliefs you have attached to it is the primary first and fundamental process that is required in order to actually use the tool of manifestation in a clear and concise and precise manner. Once you have your motivation clear and you know that what you’re focusing on is truly representative of your passion, then you will find that this mechanism of manifestation works very very strongly, very well and often very rapidly.

But the idea again is that you can not worry it there, you can not make it happen, you can not insist that it must happen at a certain time and in a certain way because then you are once again putting conditions on it, you are not allowing yourself to truly let it go, you’re not allowing thus then to let the higher mind do it’s job and you’re blocking actually the entire process by keeping in a sense the control or trying to keep control of the situation within the physical realm. And the physical realm is not designed to handle energy in that way. It does not have the ability, it does not have the capacity to do the job of the higher self, it simply doesn’t work in physical reality that way.

It would be as if you go down under the sea with your breathing apparatus and then instead of letting yourself to rise to the surface and taking your mask of, taking your breathing apparatus of and taking a deep breath up there to go back into that realm, it is actually as if you are insisting by trying to control it in physical reality, it is as if you are taking of your mask, taking of your breathing apparatus under water and inhaling and wondering why you start choking and wondering why you can’t see that far anymore, why thins are suddenly murky and muddy and why you are suddenly drowning. The idea is you must allow yourself, your whole self to participate in this idea of creation of your reality and you are not a whole self, you are not a whole person unless you allow the physical mind and the higher mind to work in concert.

We know many of you have been taught to think that the idea of the higher mind being that it is non-physical is somehow not really a part of who you are as a person, it’s something else, somewhere else on another plane, on another level and it’s nothing to do with what you’re supposed to be doing as a personality in terms of guiding yourself through life but that is not the case. In order to actually move through physical reality as a whole person you need the back and forth, you need to work in concert, you need a partnership between physical mind and higher mind  so that you can actually function as a whole person and use it’s component in the way it was designed to be used so that you can then allow the mechanism of manifestation the creation of your reality to work in an effortless and aligned way with the idea of the vibration of yourself as as a total being.    

* ‘The Motivational Mechanism’ is simply this, and I mean there are no exceptions to this. 

You will always immediately automatically move into the direction of what you believe to be in your best interest.

YOU WILL ALWAYS immediately and automatically move away from what you believe IS NOT in your best interest. Knowing that, that should tell you something. If you’re holding unto something that you know intellectually is not in your best interest and you understand The Motivational Mechanism to describe the only way that that could stick around is if you have defined in ‘The Motivational Mechanism’ as actually being in your best interest more than the alternative. 

Or Vice Versa. You have defined the thing that you say you prefer as actually somehow being more scary, more fearful than the thing you don’t prefer, and so you’re SO afraid of the thing you DO prefer for some reason based on a belief your holding unto that you’re willing to put up with the pain and struggle of the thing you don’t prefer just because it is more familiar. Just because it feels safer because you’re so much more scared of the thing you don’t know about. 

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