Lovely you’s. I transcribed this video of Bashar:

In the shell of a nut Bashar explains how a guy created lack in his life, how he created his struggle and his forty – thousand dollars worth of debt, and how he can get himself out of it.

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Bashar: Number 3 good day.

Man: Ah hi Bashar, this is my first time so.

B: Yes this is our first time with you as well, please be gentle.

M: Well the reason I came was the ask you a question, I lately had a lot of doubts, you know I’ve …

B: That’s why I asked you if you were alright. So what is it that you doubt.

M: Well I have a lot of a doubts…

B: That’s why I asked you if you were alright. So what is it that you doubt?

M: Well I have a lot of lack in my life, you know, like financial problems 

B: A lot of lack? An abundance of lack?

M: Yeah. 

B: How paradoxical. How creative, how imaginative. How inventive, an abundance of lack!

M: That’s it, yep.

B: Now listen; this is not just a play on words, you ARE abundant but you are creating lack with your abundance. It has nothing to do with not being abundant. It has everything to do with what you have been taught to use your abundance to create. Do you see the difference?

M: Yes. 

B: This is a profound difference and it all begins with exactly the kind of example we just gave you. It begins with redefining the definitions you have been taught. Let’s go back to the word; Doubt. Most people on your planet have been taught that the word doubt is defined as a lack of trust. There is that word lack again, you lack trust. You doubt, you follow me?

M: Yes.

B: From our perspective doubt is not a lack of trust. Would you like to know what our definition of doubt is?

M: Yes.

B: Alright, thank you very much I will share it with you. Are you paying attention? 

M: Yes.

B: Alright. You have an abundance of attention?

M: Yes.

B: Alright. DOUBT, A HUNDRED PERCENT UNSWERVING ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL TRUST in a definition that doesn’t work for you.

M: Ok.

B: Understand the profound difference. The difference is, no-one ever, every, every, ever, ever doesn’t trust. You always have 1oo% trust. Trust is not something you have to learn how to do, it’s innate, it’s automatic, it’s second nature, it is build in to you.

You cannot not trust. The question is not an issue if whether you lack trust. The question is; What definition of reality have you placed your trust in. Because that’s the reality you’ll get. Because there is no reality, except your definition of it, that’s what reality is. 

Is this making any sense at all so far?

M: It’s making sense so far yeah.

B: Please understand that this is not a discussion about philosophy. This is a discussion of physics. Every thing that you call physical reality is a vibratory reflection of energy. What we are talking about is based on what we call the third absolute law of creation; What you put out is what you get back.

Physical reality is literally likened to a mirror. Whatever you are giving off, is the reflection that comes back. What you give off, the vibration you give off that determined what you get back, is the product of the strongest DEFINITION that you have been taught to buy into about reality, because it is your definition, your conscious belief system structure that creates the frequency you operate at, and creates therefor the frequency that is reflected back.

Is this making some sense to you?

M: Yeah it makes sense.

B: Alright so, let’s  examine your definitions. We have already to some degree begun by illustrating how certain definitions can be altered. Again; Doubt doesn’t have to be seen as a lack of trust, you can start right now by knowing that you do not in any way shape or form, lack trust. And even thought to some degree we may be having a little fun with you when we said you have an abundance of lack there is truth in the idea that lack is only one of the experiences  you create with the abundance you innately have. You are all abundant creators. It is just that on your planet for a variety of reasons over generations you have been taught to use your abundance to make it appear as if you don’t have any. In the same way that many of you have been taught that you use about only 1o% of your brain. When in fact you use a 1oo% but you’re using ninety to make it seem that you’ve been only using ten.

It’s your definitions that are doing that. Not that it is actually that way. It is the way that you look at things, it is the way you have been taught to perceive things, it is the meaning you have been taught to give to what actually in life are nothing more than fundamentally a set of absolutely neutral meaningless situations and props.

But the automatic meaning that you have been taught to automatically give to a situation is what automatically instantaneously determines the effect you feel back from that situation and that reinforces the definition that recreated the reason you gave it that meaning to begin with and then you get caught up in a self-perpetuating cycle of self fulfilling prophecy and endless loop of spiralling creation in a direction that you may not really prefer.

Do you follow along so far?

M: Yeah.

B. So! The idea of abundance requires some re-definition on your part. The idea of lack and trust require some re-definition on your part. Abundance, fundamentally, we are not invalidating the idea that on your planet we recognise that what you call physical money is one of the ways that abundance can be represented. But it is only one of the ways, it is equal to any other way. And abundance by definition is really nothing more than the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it period. It doesn’t always require that money be there. But if you relax your definition of what you think you need to represent abundance by and know that you are abundant, and abundantly creating your reality in whatever fashion you have been taught to create it. Then you can relax the definitions you have that insist that abundance can only be recognised in one form and may actually be capable of giving yourself an opportunity to see all the other ways in which abundance actually does come to you, and allow circumstances and situations to begin to unfold in your life using more of the varieties of forms of abundance rather than just narrowing it down and saying: “I will not know that I am abundant if I don’t see it exactly in just this one way or two ways.

Are you following along?

M: Yeah I understand that but…


M: I’m in debt like forty-thousand dollars.

B: So what. So what, so what, so what?

M: Well I don’t want to be struggling.

B: Well then stop struggling. I will put the horse, back before the cart. I understand  this may be difficult and it is alright. We understand that some of these principles are a little bit new to some people on your planet and that is alright. But I guarantee they will work for you.

The points in simply being  that if you weren’t struggling TO BEGIN WITH, you most likely would not necessarily have created a situation where you find yourself forty-thousand dollars in debt. You follow?

M: yes 

B: And therefor the creation of the forty-thousand dollars creates in your mind a debt, it simply amplifies and re-inforces, not create, amplifies and re-inforces the struggle already going on within you that the forty-thousand dollars has now revealed to you in terms of your existence within you.

So. The first step. This maybe difficult, this maybe easy, it is dependent on your definitions as to which it will be for you. But the first step we would suggest is to relax your idea that this forty-thousand dollars that you owe, is that correct?

M: Yeah.

B: that this forty thousand dollars in any way shape or form represents any kind of a negative scenario. Render it neutral, flatten it, devoid of any meaning one way or the other. It’s just a circumstance, it’s a neutral set of props on a stage. That’s it. You walked into the theatre, the curtain goes up, the program says that the opening scene is someone standing on the stage, pondering the idea that the owe forty thousand dollars. But this means nothing yet. No life has been breathed into the scene by the actors yet, you are not told by the audience how to interpret this circumstance yet. 

So give it no meaning. Zero. Suspend yourself, and go with the flow. And in that suspension, make this realisation; it is your prerogative to infuse this circumstance being neutral with any meaning you so desire. It can be general, it can be specific, but we would suggest that you allow it to be positive. We have given you one small example of the idea of owing forty-thousand dollars can begin to seem like a positive thing. Number one as we have said, we will reiterate; It has now shown you, the fact that you are in this situation has shown you that you have already been in struggle.

And thus then this is a positive thing. You have been made aware of an energy and a definition that you have within you that you don’t prefer to have. So in that sense being in forty-thousand dollars worth of debt has actually pointed something out to you that you now have the ability to change, because you are aware of the fact that it requires definitions and energy and states of being to be IN that kind of a circumstance, to wind up IN that kind of a circumstance and now it can teach you how to be in other states of being so that will not have to create that kind of a circumstance again.

The second you remove the negative charge from the situation you will actually, I guarantee it, begin to see the situation repair itself. You may not be able to tell how, but that is exactly the point.

If you’re not already in the state of the reality you prefer, you cannot in any way shape or form, this is simply physics, you are incapable of perceiving the circumstances and opportunities that could come along that would help change the state.

You have to BE in the state of the reality you prefer JOYFUL, full of conviction knowing this serves you in a positive way with absolute certainty. You have to BE in that certainty before it is possible for you to see, how an opportunity might come along that you could take advantage of that might actually change the situation for you in a positive way.

M: uhuh.

B: THAT  is putting the cart and the horse in the proper orientation. 

M: uhuh.

B: Makes sense?

M: Yeah.

B: Do you think you can begin to do this? Do you think you can begin to understand that you are a trusting being. Do you think you can begin to understand that you do not have lack, except in that you have an abundance of that what you have created to make it seem like lack. Can you allow yourself to begin to understand how you can use the circumstance, starting with it as neutral, and know even-though you ma nyot have an empirical understanding of how this would be so right now, know that beyond a shadow of a doubt it will serve you positively if you let it. You have to ask yourself these and honestly answer whether or not you can do this, but if you can begin to behave this way and know these things for certain.

You will, I guarantee it, begin to see a change. Because your reality is just a reflection of what you know at any given moment to be true. This is a complex issue because all of you have created so much complexity within your definitions of belief system structure. It does require that you really get in touch with what all those beliefs you have are about the different circumstances and situations in your life and most importantly what kind of beliefs you have of yourself. 

M: Right.

B: So, once you really start to get in touch with those definitions and start to redefine them in a way that is more harmoniously aligned with the person you know you are, that in your heart of hearts you know you are that the creator you know you are, once you start to harmonise with that you can see things change because the physical universe does not have a mind of its own and can’t contradict you when you give off a certain vibration it can not give you any other choice but that vibration reflected back.

M: Yeah, so I guess my question would be you already told me some things to do.

B: Yes.

M: But eh, I tried things like that before and…

B: Na ah ah ah ah. No you have not.

M: Ok.

B: Not in the way I am telling you. You may have made some attempts at pieces of it. You may have gone to certain degrees with it. I am talking about a level of certainty and a level of conviction that is something you haven’t done. EXCEPT in the level of conviction you have about your certainty about your lack. You have to have the same level of certainty about your abundance as you know you do about your belief in your lack.

M: Ok, so I guess my question is give me a clue of how I can have that kind of conviction. Do I just affirm over and over?

B: I just told you, but I will tell you again.

Once you understand that definition IS reality.

Not definitions OF reality. 

Definition IS reality. 

Once that clicks for you, really clicks for you, believe me you’ll have all the conviction in creation.

M: uhuh.

B: Because you see  that is what you’re doing right now. You are having conviction, you’re having absolute,  absolute,  absolute conviction that reality is a certain way for you. You need to simply shift what you are applying the same conviction I already told you you already do. It’s not about having to have that level of conviction. It is about understanding that you simply applying that level of conviction to definitions that are not the definitions that you prefer to have of reality and you simply need to find other definitions and then know you can apply the same level of conviction to them and they are just as real as the reality you are experiencing now which is also the product of the definitions that you have conviction is.

It is not about learning to be full of conviction, you have conviction, it’s  just a matter of changing the definitions that you are convicted about. And that’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Sleep on it.

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